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Not a whole lot to comment on here, other than I appreciated the Sailor Moon shoutouts. Raptor is adorable, and this episode was basically "What if we took the dream-destroying unicorn from OOO and threw him in the middle of Akibaranger?"

Interesting that she refers to the Orion as her uncle, and I guess the Henshin Lesson is indicating she has a so-far unrequited crush on Spada? I would honestly like to see more development out of the both of them together regardless, since the way he snapped at her suddenly did give some room to grow. Although I don't completely buy Lucky's argument that it made Spada as bad as the dream eater--more like the parents, though. And Lucky is still selling his performance but really needs more meat to his personality.

Also, is it officially a thing that when you come to Earth, the first thing you do is eat the curry? Did really like the reveal of Earth after the warp, though. None of the characters came from Earth or even heard of it (since I don't think we're actually PART of any constellation), and their reaction that it was very pretty was nice to see--a build-up that Sentai and Power Rangers haven't used for Earth, reminiscent of the revelation of the "new world" at the end of Lost Galaxy. And of course, we are the unattainable prize that attracts a shitload of attention.

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Date: 2017-03-14 01:17 am (UTC)
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Uuuugh I ship Raptor and Spada so freaking hard after that Henshin Lesson I swear to God


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