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Okay. This is NOT what I meant when I sad the cast was too big! Jesus. I mean, I know that Sentai is not about to pull the same crap as, say, Amazons seriously Kobayashi, why do you like making me cry? in this day and age, holy shit that was a way to get rid of a character you really haven't done anything with and promote your best character's dtv.

So. Yeah. Also, Takatylo Ren is amazing. He played Stinger like a fiddle. The actor sounds like he's had an amazing time doing all the stuff he never got to do in Gaim.

So, originally, this post was going to be some praise for this in terms of pacing the story while also complaining that they really can't just let the characters evolve naturally, but...yeah, Kyuuranger distracted me that much. I probably shouldn't sandwich this show in between that and Amazons.

Seriously, though, Deisaurus's battle debut was pretty awesome. I started making fun of him for just letting the Rangers morph, but then when he just stood still and took their attacks without any damage...that was badass, I have to admit. But overall, the format is interesting. You see that they WANT to focus more on character and story...but they only have 12 minutes. And they also want to focus the most on the suit battles rather than the zord battles, so those are super-rushed and CGI heavy. It seems like they're starting to pull it together, but we'll see. It's a fun experiment, at least.


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