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Guess it's a good thing that I accidentally forgot to torrent #9, huh? Two-part episode dealing with the unsealing of Giga Bragigas and a really good amount of work for Juhyuk. His Dinosaur King birthmark disappears, along with the power, and it suddenly goes to Juyong, indicating he's been away trying to keep Neo-Deboss from ever finding him. More will obviously be revealed next episode, but that's a good twist.

Hyunjun and Sechang continue to be better developed than Dohee and Purun, if only because their experiences fighting alongside Juhyuk make them really reluctant to leave him to face Neo-Deboss alone. And it's nice that Hyunjun sees the similarities between him and Juyong that makes him more likely to try to help him. I'd hoped that we'd get a one-on-one "life changing fieldtrip" episode for Dohee and Purun too, but the way things are going now, I doubt it'll end up happening. Shame.


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