Jan. 18th, 2017

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So I generally have this policy--supplemental canon is optional, especially if it's not written by the original writer. They can always come along and change it later. Look at the kerfluffle that broke out over the Star Wars expanded universe, for example.

But this one is special. Because I seriously want to know how the fuck anyone thought of this, and also, can I please find a translation? Because basically, it implies that OOO's final loose thread, the 40 years between the end of the series and the start of Miharu's career, and Ankh's revival...was solved by Kamen Rider Wizard. Whose entire message to their wrap-up Movie Wars was the exact opposite of OOO.

Please, tell me there's a translation available! Because there's so much potential in how Eiji and Haruto would completely, fundamentally disagree on this. And I'm sure S.I.C. didn't put much thought into it beyond "Rinko is Birth now, bitches!" but even that is beautiful, and I want to see it.

Edit: It gets better. In this other one, I think Ankh possessed Gackt.

I think I need to buy these and beg for translations.


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