Jun. 17th, 2017

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Jun. 17th, 2017 09:45 am
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Seeing this, I can't wait to see the new Ultra. He's adorable, they gave him the perfect name (seriously, ANOTHER kid named Riku trying to use darkness for good? Perfect!), and it looks like he comes pre-packaged with an alien boy with a crush on him. Cute.
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I'm revising chapter 1 of the to-be-named Hina mermaid sort-of AU. But that's okay, because it was always a placeholder chapter. I know there's more I'll have to revise down the line in it until I'm actually happy with it.

Part of me wants to just go full-blown AU, even if I don't decide to just indulge in mermaid AU fun all the time.

Another part of me wants to make this fill in all of the gaps in canon, giving Mezool a stronger character, giving Hina time to deal with losing her dream, setting into motion both Mezool and Ankh's fascination with humanity and senses and emotions, and...

Explaining why Hina's couch changes from a leather futon to a comfy, well-worn loveseat between episodes 36 and 41.

...Shit, her kitchen chairs also change! Clearly this is another thing I need to explain in my mermaid AU!

what the fuck is wrong with me?


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