May. 16th, 2017 01:16 pm
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This is VERY late for HC Bingo 2016, and also for World Penguin Day last month. But it's in time for my birthday at least?

Title: On the Other Side of the World
Summary: While researching in Antarctica, Eiji finds himself caring for an abandoned penguin chick. Isolated penguins do not survive long in the frozen wild. Neither do isolated humans.
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Okay, I'm determined to have this fic titled, edited, and posted by my birthday on Tuesday. So anyone who can, help me with a title.

Summary: While researching in Antarctica, Eiji finds himself caring for an abandoned penguin chick. Isolated penguins do not survive long in frozen wild. Neither do isolated humans.

And here is a selection of lines, words, phrases, and ideas that stand out:

on the other side of the world/bottom of the world
cold and isolated/barren
little prince/little emperor
bitter cold
king of birds
incomplete/never be complete
cold desire
imposed desire
thin ice
what are you good for
frozen hope
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Tomorrow, I don't care what happens at work, I'm sticking to my to-do list. I want to actually get some job applications in and try to edit my fic.

Fic work

May. 8th, 2017 10:25 pm
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Going to try to edit and title that one fic in time for my birthday next Tuesday. I'll probably have to check within the fic itself for a standout line and fight the urge to just "I revised it again, it's better" all over it.
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The format of the show makes it really heavy-handed at foreshadowing, but okay. Juhyeuk is quite honestly my favorite shitlord because he made Neo-Deboss pay him in a pyramid of gold ingots PLUS a dish full of gold coins...and he still had the balls to tell them that they only paid enough to contract him to FIGHT the Rangers, not to actually kill them. I love it.

There was also ridiculously obvious CGI...but I'm okay with it for one reason--it made the zord battle more interesting. See, the zord battles have always been the part that bored me the most in Power Rangers and Sentai. All respect to the art and to the stuntmen in those bulky suits, but they need to design them in a way that can move more easily. Look at Ultraman--those are simple suits for the heroes and heavier ones for the monsters. Figure out how to make a detailed suit that will allow the kind of acrobatics we get there. The CGI helped a lot to convey that King Ptera Brave completely outclassed them. You felt every hit. He was too strong, too fast, and altogether too skilled. THIS is how you introduce an evil Ranger. The Dino Force never landed a hit. I don't want to see the suit acting disappear altogether, but if this helps every once in a while to convey a brutal attack, then I'm okay with it.

Also, props to them for trying to think their way out of this bad situation. Purun reasons that if Juhyeuk is a mercenary, then because he's obscenely wealthy, they could try paying him to change sides. But Sechang is hesitant--not because of any moral problem, but because he's worried about how it will look for him if his fans find out that he paid off a mercenary to stop attacking him. Admittedly, these characters need some serious work to get out of their very archetypical personalities, but hey, that debate was good to see.
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Again, not much energy from me, sorry. But good episode. I kind of needed it, with Lucky's insistence on trying to turn his luck around.
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Good. Juggler's actions 108 years ago now make more sense in retrospect.

No energy for a decent reaction post, sorry. Shitty days won't go away.
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So, Shaun managed to find me fansubs of Origin Saga.

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Another bad day. Mood improved from watching Dino Force Brave. It's very rushed, and character development is lacking, and they're really pushing a teamship when they haven't really built anything, but I can forgive it considering its 12-minute episode format. But they need to speed up the transformations or something.

Also, this moment.

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Okay, let's start with the fun, shall we?

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And now onto the not-so-fun stuff. Right now, I'm putting my latest, completed, fic on hold. Yes, it's done, but it's not completely edited, and I can't think of a title. Trying to look at it is really messing up my head right now. And while I know, I shouldn't get this upset about a fic...over the last year, I've started to suspect I might have depression. Or a version of it, anyway. Maybe dysthymia if it continues like this for another year. I'm not super-depressed all the time. But when I have bad days, I have very bad days. And last May was about 31 days of bad ones. And February, after my car accident, I was having some bad episodes too. It's worse when I'm by myself.

But yeah, until I can get my brain back under control, I don't think I'll be doing anything major in terms of writing. I can't get excited enough about it to get anything coming, even though just a few weeks ago, I had tons of ideas.

Ultimately, I know the best thing for me is to get out of my work environment, but that's not really an option right now, if only because nothing I've applied to, whether it's a new job or grad school, has panned out. And those rejections take a toll too, making everything worse. And I really can't take much in the way of time off because my manager is on extended leave because of a family medical emergency, and even if she wasn't, all of our sister schools have to meet and talk about what vacations we're going to take if we're even planning to take any. Then, half the time when I actually get a day off, I wind up sick because my immune system finally gives up.'s not fun, and I'm sorry if I haven't been all that much fun to be around lately or if I've let anyone down in any way. Just wanted to let you know why.
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Dear self,

Do not resort to using some pun of "ice" + "isolated" for your fic. Regardless of the subject matter. You will never forgive yourself.
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Went to Star Wars Celebration yesterday. Very tired. It was fun, but tbh, I don't think I'd go to another con again. I'd maybe do this again with my sister, but that's it.

I kind of want to sleep, but I need to make sure my sleep schedule isn't completely wrecked.
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No spoilers, just a surprisingly cute episode.

Ex-Aid still isn't my thing.
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No writing done today. I was too hot and tired. Ended up buying frozen yogurt instead.



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