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So I made a joke in my review that Uva looks like an evil Ben. And remembering Albedo and Eon, I made sure to point out he was the "other" Evil Ben.

Until I looked at the wiki and found out that of all of Ben's canon alternates, it looks like roughly HALF of them are evil.

...Fuck it. Uva is Official Evil Ben 10 #9.

Yes, I counted them.
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Fuck it.

Within this year and the middle part of next, I will finish my Ben 10 fics.

The list:

"Princes of the Universe": 4 chapters planned, part of "The Theory of Everything."
"Destiny's Play": Unknown number of chapters, also part of "ToE."
"Journey through the Decayed": As many chapters as I can manage, final part of "ToE."
"Derailed": As many chapters as I can manage.

I'm not going to prolong this torture anymore. No matter how much the disillusionment hurts, I'm drawing into all of my former love of the series, even though I'm going to have to rely on a LOT of Queen and Kamen Rider, and I'm going to end it.

No more excuses. I'm ripping off this bandaid.

Edit: After writing up two of the planned chapters for "Princes of the Universe," I've deleted one of them. There are reasons I don't write Devlin's childhood, and it's the triggers. I might keep one and post it as a standalone sequel. It's a hell of a jump, but honestly, that's what I have to do. The rest is just too awful to consider.
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My day at work was awful. But my brother is home, and he and I hope to see the meteor shower tonight.

In the meantime, random background stuff I don't know if I'll be able to fit into the "Theory of Everything" universe:

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For the rest of October, I'm rewatching Alien Force and Ultimate Alien to rekindle my love for, well, for Ben. The flaws of the show stand out to me a lot more now that I've seen both shows in full, so it's going to take time to remind myself to love it. That the flaws help give it character. Rather than seeing how they keep giving Ben too many flaws.
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To The 10th Power
Chapter: Paradox
Notes: Count the Den-O references! Also, Doctor Who because it was inevitable.

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To The 10th Power
Chapter: Hopecaster Charmcaster
Notes: Anyone who tries to change my mind about the character by citing "Enemy of My Frenemy" or "Couples Retreat" will be ignored.

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To the 10th

Jul. 7th, 2012 09:28 pm
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To The 10th Power
Chapter: Vilgax
Notes: Sorry for Vilgax being more of a DCAU villain than canon. I tried my best.

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First, let me say this: I need to stop saying, "It's muffin time!" before eating a muffin. Thank you, Norm.


To The 10th Power
Chapter: Max
Note: I went a little crossover happy.

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To the 10th

Dec. 8th, 2011 12:11 pm
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Looks like things have calmed down now on the LJ front (in that the Russian elections happened and there haven't been any more DDoS attacks). I'm not feeling well enough to write, so I may as well post.

To The 10th Power
Chapter: Julie
Note: May contain a surprise for "Derailed."

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Still cracking away at "Derailed," though I keep getting frustrated with it. I'll hopefully have more fun with the next.

To The 10th Power
Chapter: Gwen

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Icon = Close enough.

To The 10th Power
Chapter: Kevin
Note: Still rated T. Cannot stress that enough for #3 in this one.

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At last, I'm at the point where I can begin to post my hundredth fic! A collection of shorts on ten different characters in Ben 10

Title: To The 10th Power
Chapter: Ben
Rated: T
Characters: Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Julie, Max, Paradox, Azmuth, Albedo, Charmcaster, Vilgax
Summary: Ten characters, ten "truths" about their lives. Some crack, some serious, some headcanon, some AU.

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Continuing Ben 10 Day by finally finishing off the Alien Force reviews. It honestly would not have taken this long if not for me having such a hard time finding this episode.

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