Derailed 2

Aug. 8th, 2014 10:13 pm
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In which I begin to shamelessly troll-ship.

Chapter 2: Always At A Climax
Summary: Ben's battle against the Cinderella Imagin could have gone better, but he and Momotaros are ready to redeem themselves against another Imagin. And Julie can't help but feel disappointed that the boy she cares about missed her tennis match.

Yes, this means my hellish summer is just about over and I'm ready to start working on fics. "Derailed" is one of many. And I'm trying to work out the logistics of "Princes of the Universe"/"Destiny's Play" because I'm getting this weird two-in-one story idea that would be cool, but difficult as hell to organize? But the ToE universe is slowly becoming less organized altogether.
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I'm completely rewriting a few chapters, and I forgot that I had a really hilarious bit from one of the chapters I'm rewriting, right after a botched attempt to stop a dog-themed Imagin.

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Derailed 1

May. 29th, 2014 11:37 am
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So I almost accidentally listed this as femslash on AO3. Oops. Not like I don't troll-ship like mad anyway.

Chapter 1: What Did Butterflies Ever Do To You?
Summary: After a careless wish, Ben finds himself in a world where he never existed. Now, if he stands any chance of setting things right, he has to join with four unusual creatures for a time-trippin' ride that will make him wonder what he really should wish for. Meanwhile, Julie meets a young man who has his own plan to save the flow of time...

FFN (with Kapaychan's amazing art as a cover page)

Updates on this will be really slow, since I have a few chapters I think I have to completely rewrite because I currently hate them. Also, I'm not even done with the story, and I've had to change the villain.

I don't even have the heart to make the joke about how my plans went off the rails.
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Fuck it.

Within this year and the middle part of next, I will finish my Ben 10 fics.

The list:

"Princes of the Universe": 4 chapters planned, part of "The Theory of Everything."
"Destiny's Play": Unknown number of chapters, also part of "ToE."
"Journey through the Decayed": As many chapters as I can manage, final part of "ToE."
"Derailed": As many chapters as I can manage.

I'm not going to prolong this torture anymore. No matter how much the disillusionment hurts, I'm drawing into all of my former love of the series, even though I'm going to have to rely on a LOT of Queen and Kamen Rider, and I'm going to end it.

No more excuses. I'm ripping off this bandaid.

Edit: After writing up two of the planned chapters for "Princes of the Universe," I've deleted one of them. There are reasons I don't write Devlin's childhood, and it's the triggers. I might keep one and post it as a standalone sequel. It's a hell of a jump, but honestly, that's what I have to do. The rest is just too awful to consider.
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This is our reckoning. I will complete it this time.
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I'll probably end up posting some snippets of my other major project, "Graduation Day," but right now, I want to talk "Derailed" for a bit.

This is my most difficult fic. Ever.

And it's strange because honestly, I've taken on bigger challenges than this and gone through longer bouts of writer's block. I wrote "Yang-Yin" across 6 years with multiple cases of writer's block, dissatisfaction, change in writing style, and changing my ideas around. I developed an entirely new writing style for my Ryuki fics, particularly the romances "Leave Out All The Rest" (my first attempt at the springkink community), "Impulsive," and "No Perfect Endings." I experimented with ideas similar to Ingmar Bergman in "Knight" and pulled off a homage to Dr. Seuss in "An Assbird in a Pear Tree." Shaun and I worked together on the most ridiculous thing ever, "The Elephant in the Room," and I decided to try to go beyond it with "13 Times JK Almost Became A Kamen Rider." But this one is more personal.

I have a hard time pinpointing the reason, but when I get down to it, the Ben 10 fandom and nostalgia has just utterly depressed me lately. I can handle Omniverse while disliking it. And I honestly could handle the way season 2 of Ultimate Alien went to pot. But when I look back on what I liked, I can't see what I loved anymore. I'm more critical and more depressed. And I don't know why. Add to it discussions from my reviews continuing on even after I say I'm tired of talking about the issue--I'm burnt out on Ben. And it's really, really showing in my attempts to write this.

"Derailed" was meant to deal with Ben and Julie's breakup in the beginning of UA season 2. The idea of dragging Den-O into it was meant to be something fun. It was never supposed to be a fix-fic or anything else of the sort. And over the past...what, three years? I've been fighting that every step of the way. I know this fic will have a depressing conclusion, and maybe that's the reason why I can't get myself to write it. Because even though I'm a Ryuki fan and love writing it, I always try to have a happy ending. And there's no real happy ending here.

Things have been rewritten a couple of times since I first started this. Kamen Rider Wizard actually was a reason behind one of the rewrites, the most notable, because I'd originally written in the Phoenix Imagin as the enemy of this chapter, but the Phoenix Phantom was a thing, so I lost heart until I realized something much better to use. And honestly, it's one of the few things I really, really still like about this fic and makes me want to explore more.

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I still feel guilty for inflicting Ryuki on her, but I'm pre-tty damn thankful to Kapaychan for making this.
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So I think I finally pinned down just why I'm having such a hard time writing "Derailed," particularly when it comes to Ben. And I realized it through rewatching Alien Force: Ben is the least interesting character in the fic.

The Imagin are insane. The AU version of Kevin is nice to build on. Owner and Naomi are their own brand of crazy. Not sure yet on what to do about Gwen. Yuto and Deneb--enough said.

And Julie.

Julie is the most interesting character in the whole fic. She's best friends with Yuto and Deneb (and there's plenty of shippy hints with them), she's dealing with Ben's awkwardness around her because they dated and broke up in the alternate timeline, she has Momotaros hating her, she has Urataros flirting with her and being wary of her--all of this. The story is rapidly becoming more and more about her.

It's the same problem I had with Kuuga. Don't get me wrong; I liked the show a lot, but it certainly wasn't for Yusuke Godai. It was for Ichijou and the rest of the police and researchers. The meat of the show wasn't about the Kamen Rider fighting his enemies; it was about ordinary humans trying to survive and fight against an ancient enemy out to massacre us for the lulz. It had that problem more thoroughly than Ryuki had its problem about Ren and Kabuto had its problem about Kagami. At least Shinji and Tendou--for better or worse--had their character arcs and development.

Still following through on my plans of Ben 10 Month, now on UA season 1 (the only season I'm bothering with). At least this is where, in-show, Ben really came into his own (although Kevin was definitely the one who was really the hero--we're back to the Kuuga problem again).
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I just realized that all the problems I have with Tendou are essentially the problems I have with Ben, except that Ben is constantly characterized as a complete dumbass.

Score 1 Tendou.

I think it's time I watch more Ultimate Alien and Alien Force to get Tendouson's voice back so I can write him again for "Derailed." The plot focuses too much on Julie right now. And I need to get over my problems with him. Maybe listening to "One World" will help.

Oh look. Eyeshine. My go-to band. And this song is perfect for my feelings on everything.
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I figured this week will be "Derailed" editing so I can get back in the mindset to write it. It'll give me a chance to reread and where necessary, rewatch Den-O. Since I started writing it...two years ago or so, I've written in the Den-O cast into other things (typically with Shaun) and edited terms in order to match what he uses.

Which leads me to the word "特異点", which is used to refer to Ryotaro, Hana, and Kotaro. It's pronounced in Japanese as "tokuiten," and TV-Nihon translates it as "singular point." Most of the rest of the internet uses "singularity point," which I used for "Derailed" initially, but "singularity point" sounds a little off, compared to "singular point." Furthermore, when I took it to Google Translate, I got BOTH: "singularity" and "singular point," the most literal translation.

The problem really stems more from the fact that I don't speak physics, moreso than the fact that I don't speak Japanese. I have a grasp of what a singularity is due to black holes, but I'm not sure that perfectly describes what effect Ryotaro and the others have on the timestream. And singular points are mathematical concepts that maybe match, but I can barely make sense of it.

I'm tempted to just use "singular point" from here on out because, holes are points in space, not time. Yes, there is an effect on time, but this does not sound like what happens with Ryotaro. It actually better describes the Imagin. But then again, when I look up "singular point" in dictionaries, it's basically saying that even the mathematical concept is synonymous with a singularity. So I might just go with the TVN term if only because it's not as clunky and redundant. A singularity IS a singular point, from the sound of it, so adding "point" at the end is dumb.

Damn. Who'd have guessed the super-comedic Rider series gave me more of a research binge than the serious ones?
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So I just wrote my favorite part of "Derailed," the trollish end to chapter 6. I was looking forward to this the whole damn year and whatever I've been working on it. I enjoyed it even more than my April Fool's joke yesterday. Also, when I watched Magiranger today, they were fighting a troll. See? Perfect.
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I finally have "Derailed" moving again, and I'm gleefully ignoring the part of my brain that's going "You really need to decide WHEN in Den-O this takes place. Also, those first two chapters could use some rewriting again." Shut up. Momotaros used "climax" incorrectly again.


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