May. 16th, 2017 01:16 pm
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This is VERY late for HC Bingo 2016, and also for World Penguin Day last month. But it's in time for my birthday at least?

Title: On the Other Side of the World
Summary: While researching in Antarctica, Eiji finds himself caring for an abandoned penguin chick. Isolated penguins do not survive long in the frozen wild. Neither do isolated humans.
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So I didn't quite make it through HC Bingo. Oh well. I was still determined to finish this.

Also, there needs to be a tag for "failure to deal with feelings."

Title: The Albatross
Summary: In a battle, Eiji does the most Eiji thing possible. Ankh deals with the fallout in the most Ankh way possible. Wingfic.

GS 3

May. 16th, 2016 11:31 am
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And as per my tradition, a fic posted on my birthday. Have Chapter 3 of "Ghost Stories," the finale!
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Chapter 2 now available.
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Had a beautiful scene that no longer fit in my total G'Kar of "Ghost Stories" 2. But I liked it so much that I posted it as a standalone.

Loose Threads
Summary: Fix-it for the end of episode 36. Eiji goes to Shoko for help to restore Hina's dream--both figuratively and literally.
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New fic! I needed to clear my head between the endpoint and "Project Silver," along with the other stuff I'm doing in RP, so a lighter fic focused on the OOOT3.

Ghost Stories
Not Rated
Summary: Chiyoko says there are ghosts in the attic. Eiji, Hina, and Ankh aren't sure about that, but there is certainly something haunting them.
Chapter 1
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So, a distant third on my list of multichaptered fics to write (which is "Project Silver" and the YJ Birds of Prey, followed by this one) is an AU of Kamen Rider built off of the timeline shown in Let's Go Kamen Riders, based on the idea that the world didn't go back to normal after the Riders defeated Shocker. Take that universe and apply the world-rebuilding of Ajora's Salva Nos (a fic which cannot be recommended hard enough), and answer two big questions:

1. Who were the Riders in this world before they became Riders again?

2. What will they do now?

So, uh, this fragment is dark. Damn near pitch black. Some trigger warnings for a character becoming suicidal, along with some awful deaths throughout.

Read more... )
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Despite giving myself a (minor) second-degree burn on my finger the other day from a hot glue gun (+ klutz = well, you can figure it out for yourself, can't you?), I managed to get through three chapters of "Project Silver"!

And on top of it, chapter 3 is only its first draft. I succeeded in not G'Kar-ing the fuck out of it.

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First off, wanted to put this warning. A site called has had bots downloading fics off AO3 without the writers' permission and reposting them to make money off ads and reviews. Some of my works are among the stolen. I recommend that anyone who has an AO3 account please check to make sure your stuff isn't there without permisson, and if it is, hit these guys with the mother of all DMCA takedown floods. (Info on how to do that here) Rest assured, I will as soon as I am not super-busy (so, probably Sunday or next weekend).

As for things that I have reposted myself, Vagabonds 4 is now live on FFN.

Vagabonds 6

Dec. 5th, 2014 12:20 pm
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Chapter 6: Ouroboros
Summary: Whatever strange power Eiji has awakened, the King wants it and will take it at any cost. No one who defies the King will survive for long, whether it's the villagers, the Greeed, or Gara.

I promise you, the very last quote is from the actual history of alchemy, not just my nerdish love of FMA.
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Chapter 5: Chrysopoeia
Summary: When Eiji is poisoned, the secretive Gerhild must reveal everything about her past with the King. Meanwhile, there is a rift between Gara and the alchemists loyal to the King.
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Chapter 4: The World's One and Only Truth
Summary: Eiji and Solaris meet Gara and learn the truth behind the Core Medals' creation. But the King and the other alchemists seem to have plans for everyone...
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Chapter 3: Watchers in the Light
Summary: Spies are hard enough to deal with. Enemies watching in the shadows. But when they're out in the open, that's when you're in the most danger.

Please let me know if there are any problems with this chapter. I had a couple of major errors while posting, and at one point, it actually lost half the text.
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So for now, I'm not going to worry about deadlines or anything. "Kings and Vagabonds" showed me that whether I like it or not, a fic will write itself or won't.

I still have every intention of completing "Princes of the Universe" and "Derailed," but I think I may speed things up on the latter. "Princes," at least, only has about another two chapters to go.

As far as the rest of the "Theory of Everything" universe goes, I'm taking it easy. "Princes," of course, is still going to be completed. But I'm not going to sweat it too much if I don't get to "Roots of the King" (a Ken adventure going back in time and teaming up with Devin Levin months before his death) or "Journey through the Decayed" (a final love letter to Ben 10 as a whole, where the heroes from ToE must join forces and save Cross-Time from the villain from "Roots of the King" before he can retcon everything into his own perfect world). Each fic was always written with the intent that it would be the last one. So "Roots of the King" is troubling on that level, since it leads directly into "Journey" and has no sense of finality.

"Kings and Vagabonds" is turning into its own little universe too. There's a few other fics that I want to work on, but like with the original ToE fics, they're being written with the intent of not leading into a sequel. There are hints, of course, but like a Greg Weisman production--close things off with just a little hook for the imagination to come. Ideas are "Feeling Human," an aftermath fic for "Vagabonds," but is so far really damn depressing and I am not enjoying writing it in the least. So far, I'm writing out ideas but not doing much with them because this is too dark and doesn't work with what's around it. The next is "Snow, Flowers, Flame," a crossover with Sailor Moon that puts Hina in the spotlight more. And finally is "Project Silver," a love letter to Greg Weisman that picks up on a plot thread at the end of "Vagabonds" and deals with Eiji's VERY messy relationship with his family. Also, GataKiriBa and my own version of "Duped", without the awful relationship fuckups.

So all of these are tentative and will happen if they happen. There's also a few other fics floating around in my head that will get written if they work out--some crackfics (mostly Fourze related) and a couple more Ryuki fics. There's also me trying to figure out the best way to describe the relationship among Eiji, Ankh, and Hina, realizing it's more strained and confusing than Shinji, Ren, and Yui, and having to describe it as "Literally NO ONE knows how to say 'I love you,'" so we'll see what comes with that. Also in my mind, Ryusei Sakuta is the son of Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh because he makes similar terrible decisions.

Vagabonds 2

Nov. 8th, 2014 12:24 pm
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Chapter 2: Kingdom of Secrets
Summary: No one is who they appear at first glance, and Eiji is surrounded by those he can't trust. People can only trust themselves, and everyone has to have a secret.

I apologize if I fucked up medieval Arabic naming schemes, and I'm trying not to let that one comma splice bother me.
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I completed it last night, and the first chapter is ready. The fic where I stopped and thought, "What if I took The Theory of Everything, wrote it for OOO, and applied the research ethic of Ajora's Salva Nos?"

Kings and Vagabonds
Rated: T
Summary: A kidnapping attempt on Eiji goes horribly wrong, and both he and a Foundation X agent find themselves in the time of the King and the Greeed, before the Medals were sealed. Something is amiss in this kingdom, and Eiji must guard himself against the King and his alchemists, as well as the Foundation X agent he must depend on if he is going to survive. But what does this have to do with a mysterious young woman, the village children, and the BraKaWani Medals?

Chapter 1: Fates Crossing into Now
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It's done! It's done! I finally finished "Kings and Vagabonds," and the final chapter clocks in at 10 pages (which is actually kind of appropriate, if you consider that the Core Medals were created in sets of 10 originally?).

Also, Happy Halloween!
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I just realized that when I add "Elephant in the Room," "Kings and Vagabonds" is the second fic in a row where I wind up with Shirtless Date.

...I have a PROBLEM.
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C'mon, two scenes left, two days left in the month. I challenged myself to finish it before November. Don't start getting blocked now!


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