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Wei asked me to help put this together a while ago. Hopefully it's complete?

And yet, he's not the most messed up character I've seen )

There's another one, where he's a bad liar and cannot understand he's a bad liar, but given his track record, I'm not sure if it's actually a bad thing. It helps him a lot when people see through his lies.


Sep. 9th, 2017 09:52 am
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And this morning, while failing to sleep, I found myself plotting out an Orb/OOO crossover.

Of course this means I have to look up all of the monsters so I can find one other than Galactron that can cross dimensions.
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Going through the Orb Origin Saga soundtrack and translating the titles through Google. Discovered one track is "Agul Kourin"--"Agul's Advent."

You fucking did this on purpose.


May. 16th, 2017 01:16 pm
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This is VERY late for HC Bingo 2016, and also for World Penguin Day last month. But it's in time for my birthday at least?

Title: On the Other Side of the World
Summary: While researching in Antarctica, Eiji finds himself caring for an abandoned penguin chick. Isolated penguins do not survive long in the frozen wild. Neither do isolated humans.
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No spoilers, just a surprisingly cute episode.

Ex-Aid still isn't my thing.

Ryuki movie

Apr. 1st, 2017 05:01 pm
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You know, there's nothing funnier than the scene where Asakura kicks Ryo Ashihara's ass, and Kanzaki walks by like, "Oh, Gills is taking another beating? Moving along."

Poor guy gets NO respect. Forget Ryotaro Nogami; he's the real unlucky Rider.
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So I didn't quite make it through HC Bingo. Oh well. I was still determined to finish this.

Also, there needs to be a tag for "failure to deal with feelings."

Title: The Albatross
Summary: In a battle, Eiji does the most Eiji thing possible. Ankh deals with the fallout in the most Ankh way possible. Wingfic.
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So I generally have this policy--supplemental canon is optional, especially if it's not written by the original writer. They can always come along and change it later. Look at the kerfluffle that broke out over the Star Wars expanded universe, for example.

But this one is special. Because I seriously want to know how the fuck anyone thought of this, and also, can I please find a translation? Because basically, it implies that OOO's final loose thread, the 40 years between the end of the series and the start of Miharu's career, and Ankh's revival...was solved by Kamen Rider Wizard. Whose entire message to their wrap-up Movie Wars was the exact opposite of OOO.

Please, tell me there's a translation available! Because there's so much potential in how Eiji and Haruto would completely, fundamentally disagree on this. And I'm sure S.I.C. didn't put much thought into it beyond "Rinko is Birth now, bitches!" but even that is beautiful, and I want to see it.

Edit: It gets better. In this other one, I think Ankh possessed Gackt.

I think I need to buy these and beg for translations.
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So while chatting with the others tonight, I realized that Shingo was a cop for at least this insanity.

I feel like there is a lost adventure that we are sorely missing out on.
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So I have to clear my cache before I upload anything to imgur now? That's going to be a pain.

Anyway, a little preview of my next review, once again relying on my Spanish skills. Since we can probably all agree that 2016 was terrible, I think we need something a little fun to open up the year.

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Kobayashi, I hate you.
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So the finale arc of Agito took way too long. It should have ended after resolving everything about Another Agito, and everything else felt like Inoue wanted to end it there but had a few more episodes to go and figured "Okay, we'll have them kill God. Who gives up on humanity. Whatever."

It drags on and it's got some really stupid stuff, almost all of it courtesy of Hojo the Weasel (and do we REALLY need to tack on romance between him and Ozawa when he fails to admit maybe he was wrong about advocating genocide and just overall was a dick to everyone, especially her?), but I will say this:

Everything was worth it to see Hikawa and Ozawa hijack the G3 Trailer. It was the most beautiful moment in ALL of Kamen Rider.
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Spoilers for Amazons )

GS 3

May. 16th, 2016 11:31 am
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And as per my tradition, a fic posted on my birthday. Have Chapter 3 of "Ghost Stories," the finale!
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Chapter 2 now available.
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Cut for length and spoilers )
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New fic! I needed to clear my head between the endpoint and "Project Silver," along with the other stuff I'm doing in RP, so a lighter fic focused on the OOOT3.

Ghost Stories
Not Rated
Summary: Chiyoko says there are ghosts in the attic. Eiji, Hina, and Ankh aren't sure about that, but there is certainly something haunting them.
Chapter 1
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You know, all these reviews, and I'm impressed I never referred to the Flaming Combo as the "Flaming Assbird."

"Fuck you, I'm a princess" was glorious, however.


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