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I know, I'm overresearching things again, but given Kobayashi's penchant for physics in her shows, I had to go looking for Brian Greene's PBS report on quantum entanglement, or "spooky action at a distance." I was actually looking for the video (since I caught it on The Fabric of the Universe one day), but the article is still pretty easy to understand because Greene does a damn good job making it accessible. I think I may one day wind up writing Ryuki fics based off his stuff.
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Long story short, I got a new camera )

Cutting it off for now because I have to go to bed. I'll cover the Faiz Figuarts next.
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First off, a couple of pics that I've been meaning to post and forgot about for some time. This is a cupcake I got some months back that I'm dying to see Publix make again. It's a Cookie Monster! Or as close as they can get to it without having to pay Sesame Workshop! And it was yummy. And I got this Princess Jasmine figure from a local jewelry shop in my mall that closed its doors last week. My parents had gone there for years to replace the batteries in their watches, and it was sad to see the place go after so long.

Well, that melancholy note aside, onto the Figuarts. The first to arrive was Knight, whom I ordered from Anime King on ebay. I highly recommend them. Very good prices, excellent selection, and shipping is reasonable. It helps too that they ship from California, so if you're in the U.S., you don't have as long a wait. And no customs, which I'll get to when I discuss Shinken Red.

As a note ahead of time, I apologize profusely for the quality of the photos, since my camera's on the old side, and for the glare, since my hands are ridiculously white.

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Time for another one of my online purchases to get reviewed/recommended.

So sometime ago, I bought a set of Kamen Rider Ryuki keychains (I think Banpresto) from sonkirihayameni off eBay. Admittedly, the price of the keychains was $18, but that was for a set of 5, and fan stuff like this is generally in the $3 range per piece anyway. So roughly what I'd pay if they were available in a store in America. The shipping price--and from Japan, mind you--was $8.80, which is pretty damn reasonable in my mind, especially with how quickly I ended up getting it (no Canadian mail strikes this time!)

As for the keychains themselves, they're in a chibi style, which makes some of them (Magnugiga) much cuter than they ought to be. Here is a lineup of four of them on my bookshelf: Ryuki, Knight, Zolda, and Magnugiga (in the background, Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura and you can also see the leg of my Den-O Liner Form from this purchase). The fifth keychain is Dragreder, which can't stand up on its own because it's a serpentine dragon.

Now, apologies for the quality of the rest of these images; my camera's on the old side and zoom didn't do this justice in the least. Being our title character, Ryuki is the first up. He's completely armored with the Drag Saber (Sword Vent) and Guard Vent shields on his arms. Next comes the second main character, Knight, with his Dark Visor sword. The chibi style shows off something that doesn't show up too well in the series itself--that Knight actually does have blue eyes on his mask; it's only in specific lighting that you can really see it, so I kind of like that they added it. Next is Zolda, carrying his Magna Visor. Believe it or not, I think this is actually the most show-accurate of the keychains, if only because his design is so sci-fi that it doesn't easily translate to super-deformed.

The next two are both Contract Monsters. Magnugiga looks weirdly cute. No, really, look at it. I think it's because it got compressed a bit in chibi form. As an added note, you can see a face more easily in this design than in the series. The rest of his body is pretty indistinct, if only because his design has more guns than your average Republican would deem necessary. And lastly is Dragreder, which I added to my keys due to the not-standing-up part. Plus, it's the easiest one to put on my keys and not have to explain what it is. People might ask questions about the Kamen Riders and whatever the hell Magnugiga is supposed to be, but a red dragon? Doesn't draw much attention other than "Aww, cute!" Because like Magnugiga, it ended up oddly on the cute side once it got shrunken down. Though I think the pose has a lot to do with that.

In short, good quality keychains and good customer service from this guy. Do recommend.


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