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In 2012, Avex Group decided they hadn't made enough money off Kamen Rider fans and thus put together a collection of music videos from the series. To help encourage people to spend their money on these three discs ("Geki," "Takumi," and "Kiwami"...which sounds oddly prophetic in retrospect), they also decided to ask fans which three songs should be made into music videos. The songs chosen were "Elements" from Kamen Rider Blade, the Kamen Rider Kuuga theme song, and "Power to Tearer."

The music videos are rushed and very basic, since they were produced specifically to sell a compilation of better music videos you've already seen. Honestly, Kuuga's is just the singer standing on a cliff on the beach. But something went right with "Power to Tearer" and its design, and it was actually the deciding factor in elevating the song to one of my all-time favorites.

Because neither TV-Nihon nor Over-Time subbed this for some reason, I'm working off my personal favorite translation, a Spanish sub by FourzeFansub. Mind you, calling me "bilingual" is a huge stretch. My father's side of the family are native Spanish speakers, but I was raised in a mostly English-speaking environment. I took Spanish in middle school and high school, but the quality of said education was mixed, from "decent start" to "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TEACHING ANYTHING?" So...yeah. I'm probably not the best person to comment on the quality of the translation, but from what I do understand (or can parse out with help from Google), it's pretty awesome. And who knows? Maybe one day, I'll try to take up Spanish more seriously this time and use FourzeFansub to expand my vocabulary by cross-comparing it with a series I know by heart. Like Ryuki. Which they do have.

...I have a problem.

So a short portion of this review will focus on the video itself, while the bulk of it will be my attempt at a translation of the translation. That said, let's get started.

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I've had a recurring fever for three days now. I just managed to watch Full Throttle, but reacting to it apparently kicked off the fever some more. Probably because 90% of the movie was me making dorky sci fi jokes. A lot of them.

My next reviews are "Power to Tearer," OOO Wonderful, and "Ole! Te wo Tsunagou," but they're obviously not getting done until I'm feeling better. My goal is to have the endpoint analysis done by the end of the year, but this cold/flu/whatever the fuck it is is slowing me down so I can't get my pre-reqs done for it.

...Also, I do need to get back to making fun of Andros. All of this fun I've had poking at Ankh is really making me miss that idiot.
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It's entirely possible I won't be able to get the next OOO review up this weekend, and that my review speed might slow down by half. I'm studying for the GRE, which I'll be taking in October, and I'm also applying to grad school. Good things, but I will be going slower, while trying to make sure I fit in everything I want to do, as well as what I need to do.


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