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Aug. 11th, 2017 04:51 pm
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So I finished my last day of work. And it's weird the things that come to mind. Like, I had an entire scene of RPM playing in my head--okay, not the whole scene, but one specific detail. One thing that I've been thinking about for the past seven or eight years.

Dillon is the last one to put his morpher in Dr. K's case. Everyone else before him, you saw how hard it was for them to give them back--lingering touches on the morphers, choked-up expressions, Ziggy's whisper of "Get in gear." But not for Dillon. Even though Gem gave Dr. K a high-five, knowing he'd done the right thing, you saw that it was still a bittersweet moment for him. But not for Dillon. Dillon never wanted to be a Ranger Series Operator. He did it because he had to. Because it got him and Ziggy out of jail. Because it gave him a direction to go, to search for his past and who he was. He never found them. Instead, he found a future and defined who he was.

It's fitting that there was never an episode titled "Ranger Black," if only because that's never who Dillon was. If I had to pick a quote that defined him completely, it's his introduction: "Call me Dillon." It's the name he gave himself, the person he decided he would become. He never lost sight of that, not to the Venjix programming, not to being a Ranger. He was Dillon first, foremost, and always, so it never hurt him to give back the morpher. He took care of it when he placed it in the case, but he didn't have the obvious reluctance that everyone else had. Everyone else, who were heroes to begin with or grew into being. Dillon was Dillon.

In this last day at work, I finally understood that moment and what it meant to Dillon, the season, and possibly the Power Rangers franchise as a whole.

It doesn't bother me anymore.
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So the strongest Ranger goes on a mind control rampage and when he finally wakes out of it, he asks why the guys are all hugging him.

Good to know Judd Lynn still recycles scripts from old seasons.
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Dear Saban,

I forgive you for not adapting Go-Busters if this was the pitch.

I honestly don't care for Amit Bhaumik's proposals. Much as the idea of LG + RPM = Go-Busters is...intriguing? frightening? hilarious? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Cut from my complaints in chat )

And another thing, having the Venjixes be the same? That's an insult to Dr. K's character development! You can't build up a character whose motivation and everything is "I fucked up and destroyed the world," then retcon it into "Oh, silly me! It was actually an evil alien computer from another dimension--my conscience is clear!" NO. K has to work her ass off to make things right. The day she puts in the source code that allows them to stall the progression of the virus inside Dillon to keep him from attacking everyone is the day she has to face everyone and tell them, "I killed your loved ones. I'm responsible for the death of Scott's brother and Summer's butler. I'm the reason Dillon has no memories and has a virus inside him."

She says, "Everything that's happened, everything you've all been through, it's all my fault." She is an atoner; the whole point of her character is to get past this one mistake that cost everyone everything. It leads to her deciding that "Even the most flawed human is better than the most perfect machine" and it leads to Dillon finally forgiving her and thanking her in the finale. Dr. K is one of the best written characters, particularly one of the best written female characters, in all of Power Rangers and for you to take away her sin? It's like telling Andros, "Actually, no, your sister was never kidnapped." Or telling Jen, "Alex wasn't dying--he was perfectly fine. Ransik never touched him. Also, he's breaking up with you."

So while I commend you on the idea of Kendrix as Mayor when I thought the same thing for Flynn in "The Messiah Protocol," fuck you, Amit. Especially for completing the genocide and leaving K the only one of her dimension left alive.

Edit: I read on

Again, ranty chat stuff )
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I'm purposely trying not to make a huge deal about this existing and possibly being a thing because I kind of expect it to die when I'm halfway through a second chapter, and I also really need to work on "Derailed" and "Graduation Day," but... Yeah. For a while, I thought that an adaptation of Go-Busters would work perfectly in the RPM universe, and I even thought that if the game I'd run (Corinth RP) had survived to now, we would have had the Go-Buster suits as the final, perfected Ranger suits for that game.

But now with the news that Go-Busters is being (honestly, understandably) passed over in favor of Kyoryuger, well...why not?

And I apologize for generally sucking at writing Dillon and Tenaya. I'm much, much better with Scott and Summer.

The Messiah Protocol )
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Long story short, I got a new camera )

Cutting it off for now because I have to go to bed. I'll cover the Faiz Figuarts next.
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Cut for length )
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One of these days, I'll make RPM icons for myself, 'cause I really, really need them.

But yeah, "Belly of the Beast"? They're horrible with the ship tease. Twice, they made you think Dillon and Summer were going to kiss. First, doused by a cold shower. Okay, I can understand that--saving their lives, after all. But then when they start to get close again...Gem and Gemma. Yep. Way to endear yourselves to the audience, guys.

More hints regarding Dillon's sister are throwing callbacks to Power Rangers in Space. When Summer found the matching key to Dillon's, all I could think was "Secret of the Locket." It's decidedly not a bad thing, but it still makes me want to go back and rewatch the whole Karone arc, which was essentially the entire season, plus some of Lost Galaxy.

Also, regarding Ziggy: Dr. K still only calls him Ranger Green, despite using real names for everyone else. And is it just me, or do his kiais sound suspiciously like Tommy's?
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I swear, Scott and Dillon's rivalry gets funnier all the time. Scott planning on stealing Dillon's spark plugs turning into Dillon already grabbing them from Scott and Flynn. And Scott pissed off the entire episode about everyone but Flynn disobeying his orders. Congratulations, Scott, you are the least-respected leader in all of Power Rangers history.

Summer coming to save Dillon and Ziggy--awesome. And they're a trio now! With Summer and Ziggy fighting over the front seat, with Ziggy getting stuck crammed in the back. If this arrangement keeps up, Dillon's going to need a bigger car.

Shadow puppets! With Dillon and Summer giving Ziggy shocked looks.

"Forget the cat-zord. I want a flying chicken!"

So, yeah. All around awesome. Got flashbacks to "Dark Specter's Revenge Part II" a couple of times, and even though it's pretty obvious just what happened to Dillon's sister, they're doing a great job of keeping his past suspenseful, giving just a little bit and then pulling it out of the way when you try to put the pieces together. I'm liking how they're showing Summer as Scott's second-in-command, and even more than in last episode, she showed how competent she is and in-control. She deciphered Gem and Gemma's bizarre map and came up with the plan to get inside. And she's got Ziggy whipped and Dillon impressed.

One thing that I would have liked to see though was Scott acknowledge his loss of Marcus a little more. When he told Dillon, "I know how you feel," Dillon immediately cut him off with the generic "No, you don't." So some short discussion between the two of them, Scott saying how he lost his brother in the final attack, if only just to get him and Dillon on the same page for once, would be nice. Otherwise? Loved it. And it's going to be hell waiting for the next episode.
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A couple of quick notes on RPM today: First, they're doing one hell of a job on Scott and Col. Truman now. Truman's desperation to try and lower the shield and realizing Gem and Gemma were right once Scott went out there--beautiful. Also, Gem and Gemma really strike me as not quite getting that they all need to survive, they're so fight-happy.

And seeing Dr. K take the steps to open up to the Rangers was sweet. Hilarious, but sweet. Particularly when she started hugging everyone and Flynn decided he was completely weirded out and they should all forget it ever happened. And the ship tease with her and Ziggy! Hilarious every time Dillon or Flynn had to drag him off somewhere because he was still complaining about her not using his name.
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The first time I've ever cried at Power Rangers.

Also, amused at Dillon. Not just for his bad attitude the entire wedding, but also for the fact that he wore his Ranger jacket and no tie with his tux shirt. And Flynn was hilarious about the cake. Good ol' MMPR tradition!

Ranger Red

Apr. 11th, 2009 12:38 pm
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Scott = World's Worst Babysitter. NEVER USE A BABY AS A WEAPON!

Ziggy was hilarious trying to perfect the Hero One-Liners, and Scott giving him pointers.

Ziggy apparently stayed up all night with Dr. K. The shipper in me finds this cute. Also, I'm curious about her one mistake in the past.

Dillon finally calls out Dr. K on her calling them only by their Ranger colors. His outburst of "His name is Scott!" is a good show of how his character is developing so far.

Overall, it was nice seeing Scott's past and his conflict with his father stemming from his days in the Air Force and Marcus's death finally coming to a close. I fully expected Marcus's letter to recommend Scott as second-in-command, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Col. Truman grab Hicks and go rescue Scott from the Venjix. While not as flashback-heavy as Ziggy's episode was, this was a much-needed episode to really develop Scott's character. Where in earlier episodes, he followed orders almost to the letter, it was nice seeing him go against orders and hearken back to his wanting to disobey orders to help Marcus in the Battle of Corinth. To be honest, it reminded me of the conflict between Carter and Captain Mitchell back in Lightspeed, though in that case, Carter had learned that Mitchell was right while here Scott knew his dad and Dr. K were wrong.


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