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Spoilers for a 25-year-old anime )

Haha. So much for not writing a novel.
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I'm sorry, Ryuki. Turns out that Sailor Moon Crystal has the most useless doctors ever.

You have a small child going into cardiac arrest and you just...STAND THERE. Don't have the AED, no CPR, not even asking her family to leave the room so they don't have to be there in the middle of this crisis. No intervention whatsoever.

What does Toei have against medicine anyway?
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Okay, bullshit. Ami and Haruka have this beautiful little episode where they have to adjust their fighting styles to fit each other, Haruka trying not to let on that she thinks Ami's holding her back while Ami worries that because she's not as athletic or as much of a physical fighter as her that she's a liability. Ami takes on several blasts of electricity without flinching in order to analyze Nehelenia's illusion, and when Haruka realizes what she's doing, she takes the shots for her instead. Ami's strategy and Haruka's power manage to get them free and defeat the illusion...and they're both recaptured.

Bullshit. You don't pull that kind of thing.

See, this is what bugs me about the latter parts of Sailor Moon, whether anime, manga, or Crystal. I know that the show is named for Sailor Moon. But if you're going to have a team, their efforts should mean something in the end.

Also not looking forward to Haruka and Michiru being idiots who can't figure out what side they should be on toward the end. I know what's going on, but c'mon. They've done this too much and it's annoying, even if I vastly prefer their anime versions to the manga versions.


Aug. 10th, 2015 09:26 am
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Dear Hawk's Eye and really the entire Dead Moon Circus,

How stupid are you?

No, really.

You researched your victim of the week and discovered she had three children--her daughter, her son, and her foster daughter.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon call her "Mama."



P.S.: Toei and Naoko Takeuchi--Little Girl/Horse is still a creepy as hell ship.

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Of the Sailor Moon stories, I like the first arc, R, and S the best. SuperS and Stars? Not as much.

I don't have anything against Chibi-Usa at all, but holy shit, this season should not have revolved around her. Because it got creepy. And I say this with all of the T&A that bothered me throughout the anime version of S (which keeps it behind R, probably my personal favorite in the first anime). I will never understand why Naoko Takeuchi thought Little Girl/Flying Unicorn was a good ship.

Furthermore, one thing that the first anime consistently did was spread the characterization and focus for all of the girls, fleshing them out when the manga focused entirely on Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa, with the others really existing as an afterthought. Were there issues? Yes. Rei and Minako especially. But at least they got to do more. And Haruka and Hotaru were amazing in S, helping make up for the ridiculous T&A.

But these last two seasons are going to be much harder to get through, adding to them that I wasn't that thrilled about their arcs in the manga either. Seriously, I'm in this for the crystal powerups, which I liked. The rest? Kinda leave it.
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It took for-frickin'-ever, but I got the damn fic written and halfway edited. I can finally post, and since I always try to post something on my birthday...

Snow, Flowers, Flame
Rated: T
Pairings: There is no selection for "It's complicated": Hina has a crush on Eiji, Eiji's asexual and nobody's sure if he's aromantic too, Ami is asexual and aromantic, Date's sexuality is comfortably ambiguous, Rei seems aromantic but canon shows she might be more attracted to women than to men, and I seriously do not know how to explain this more clearly.
Summary: A premonition of danger, a phone call, and dark shadows bring Eiji together with his older sister, Rei, who is none too pleased to learn of the secrets he's kept from her; reunite Drs. Date and Ami, old friends who haven't spoken since Date's injury; and put Hina and Shingo in the uncomfortable situation of wanting to help but being unable to. As the darkness closes around them, it may just come down to Hina to find her true strength to hold them all together.
Third in the "Kings and Vagabonds" series

Chapter 1: Bone, Shadow, Blades
Summary: An attack on one of Eiji's neighbors drags him and Hina into a battle with the darkness itself while old secrets come to light between him and his sister, Rei, and between Ami and her old friend Date.

Also posted! The final chapter of Vagabonds on FFN.
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So, episode 96 of Sailor Moon original leaves me a little...uncomfortable, to say the least.

For all the deserved flack the Cloverway dub gets for making Haruka and Michiru cousins because they were afraid to have them as lovers?

The original '90s anime was afraid to have them out too. Haruka would say that Michiru wasn't her girlfriend, but her partner. It's clear how much they matter to one another, but they just couldn't SAY it.

And this episode...it's one of those where it seems like it was "fair for its day," like how Babylon 5 couldn't be out about Talia and Ivanova and waited until a season after they'd been broken up for Ivanova to admit that she loved her, then before that could settle it, immediately have Franklin follow it up with a revelation about his stim addiction. It's a reflection on the culture at the time, 20 years ago, but it's still uncomfortable.

See, there's a lot of speculation this episode about Makoto's sexual orientation, when she appears attracted to Haruka. And despite everyone KNOWING Haruka and Michiru are most certainly not simply "partners," there's this overall feel like there's something "wrong" with Makoto for jumping ship and hooking up with a girl. And Makoto says that it's not that she's attracted to Haruka, but to Haruka's coolness.

The manga was better about LGBT, to some degree. Not perfect, but even beyond "fair for its day." Hell, you get the implication that Haruka might be a little genderfluid, on top of being a lesbian. Michiru is possibly bisexual. Usagi honestly seems pansexual. Manga-Ami is possibly asexual and aromantic, with Manga-Rei somewhere between ace/aro and lesbian. Minako is pretty well bi herself.

It's basically just accepted as a fact of life. And that's what I do love about the manga, even if I love some parts of the first anime more. But what I don't love is this feeling that LGBT is the exception, rather than the rule. That Makoto can't be attracted to both boys and girls, but it must mean she's so depressed she hasn't found a boyfriend that she's switched to chasing girls. That Haruka and Michiru can have all of this chemistry, all of this on-screen flirtation and intimacy, and they can't say "We're girlfriends." That Babylon 5, hiding from the censors, can still say "I think I loved Talia" and Sailor Moon can't.

It bothers me, especially when 20 years later, we still have to get confirmation about Korra and Asami from behind-the-scenes because even though, yes, the intimacy is there and their relationship is obvious, they're still not allowed to say "I love you" to one another on air.

Haruka and Michiru were seen as revolutionary, for being a same-sex couple clearly in love in a children's show. But they were still not allowed to be as open as they should have been. I wonder, in 20 years, if someone will sit down and watch the finale of The Legend of Korra and say the same things I'm saying now about Sailor Moon.
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You can still go fuck yourself for everything.
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God, I HATE this lesson: If your boyfriend breaks your heart, belittles you, doesn't explain a goddamn thing, and overall makes you miserable, it must mean he truly loves you! And if your heart is broken into a million pieces and you're constantly in tears and even admit that unless you know what you did to make him hate you, you won't be able to stop loving him, your worry makes you beautiful! And it must be the love of many lifetimes!

Anime 1 Mamoru/Usagi is a toxic relationship in this arc. I sincerely hope that off-screen, the other senshi all showed up to give Mamoru a piece of their minds, preferably by soaking him, burning him, electrocuting him, and tying him to a chair while they explained exactly what would happen if he hurt Usagi again. And I want to know how King Endymion explained to his daughter just why he encouraged his younger self to break up with her mommy and broke her heart.

Expect a MUCH better written ship for 14 Ships later. I need to get the taste of this one out of my mouth.
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...I hope I'm not dragging too much B5 into this. I had to rewrite a scene when Date sounded too much like Garibaldi, and now I'm hoping Rei isn't heading too far into Ivanova.

...At least nobody's Kosh? No Bester either, but I love Bester. He's awful.
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Scott, you're almost off the hook. At least when you babysat, you didn't realize the baby was in the stroller when you used it as a weapon.

You never had the kid jump out the window, then told your ex that she'd just missed the kid--very calmly, I might add--because the kid had a parachute.
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No, Rei. No. Don't try and defend Mamoru. There's acting cold and there's "intentionally being a douche to Usagi and making her cry repeatedly."

Why is it the ONLY ONE in this entire episode who makes any sense when talking about relationships is frickin' KOAN?
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The episode that single-handedly made me hate both the trope of never telling your lover anything important that'll save their life down the line...and anime 1 Mamoru in general.

First off, Mamoru and King Endymion come off as utter egotistical fucktards. Yes, I understand wanting to save Usagi. But how in the hell is keeping away from her and breaking her heart going to protect her from the Black Moon Clan? Hell, wouldn't fucking TELLING HER that the Black Moon Clan will one day come after her and doing everything you can to stay by her and protect her do her a lot more good?

And just the things Mamoru does to break her heart cross the line. He goes out of his way to make her feel awful. And sure, he feels bad about it, but he shouldn't have done it in the first place. I just...I can't stand this guy. I can deal with manga and Crystal Mamoru, but holy shit, this Mamoru just comes off as such an unbelievable asshole. Who DOES the things he does? Who purposely goes out of his way to set up a misunderstanding by giving Motoki's little sister a ride home and then goes past Usagi to rub it in her face and make her cry. You can say you're sorry a million times, Mamoru, but it doesn't change what you did.

For a relationship that's supposed to be built up as the greatest love story ever, lovers brought together again through time and reincarnation, reborn on the same planet this time to fall in love once more and defy their tragic past and destiny... For a man who's supposed to be the great romantic hero... This is an unhealthy relationship. This isn't what love is supposed to be. And I cannot stand watching it.
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Well, my upcoming crossover feels like it's going to be really ridiculously appropriate. The more I read of the Sailor Moon manga, the more I get the sense that Yasuko Kobayashi purposely based Eiji in OOO off of Usagi. There are a LOT of parallels, to the point he feels like a male version of her, with her implied pansexuality inverted into asexuality, but with the same level of all-encompassing love for everyone.

...Now to figure out just how closely I'm going to follow the manga when it comes to this fic. Since I don't want to be too burdened by the future (and it's not like Usagi doesn't completely disregard the laws of space-time whenever she feels like it and how many times it's been implied future versions of herself have just changed things to a better version of the future).

I do realize that I can't let Usagi and Eiji meet in this universe. I don't think anybody could handle the amount of self-sacrifice.


Nov. 25th, 2014 05:58 pm
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Sorry if there's any delay in posting the next chapter of "Vagabonds." I've got a cold, and while it's not as bad as it could be, it's left me extremely lightheaded and fatigued, so I haven't been able to edit pretty much all week.

Edit: Also, Naru, SERIOUSLY. What is it with you and your energy? Even Usagi's going "Naru got hit again!"
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Dear self,

Write up a good-sized post (like the one on Banana Head Fart Man) on anime 1 Rei.
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God, I'm terrible about keeping my fics from turning into universes. I've only just started posting "Kings and Vagabonds," and already I'm thinking of sequels.

I've figured out how to work in the Sailor Moon crossover I've wanted to do forever. And somehow, 50% of it is "Crazy shit Date dragged Ami into when they were in medical school." This somehow involves a "zombie" attack after he watched Evil Dead. Goto sympathizes with Ami so much over the many times she was tempted to freeze him.

...If I ever find myself trying to cross with Doctor Who too (which is highly unlikely given how disappointed I was after they fucked up my favorite companions), then Date totally knows Martha too and they talk shop--medicine and saving the world--over a couple of beers. And he might have somehow successfully wrestled a Dalek.

Re: Naru

Oct. 20th, 2014 10:24 am
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Oh god, Naru, I'm so happy! In the episode after Luna points out that you get your energy stolen a LOT, you point out to Usagi that you seem to have terrible luck and get yourself in weird situations, SO YOU ASK HER TO BACK YOU UP IN CASE OF TROUBLE.

I'm so happy to see someone wising up in this genre!


Oct. 18th, 2014 10:56 am
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Note to self: Write a huge post one day about why Usagi Tsukino is awesome and that her greatest power in the first arc is healing, and I love this character so much.


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