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So...is Toei determined to just do every horrible thing possible to make Shota Taguchi cry? Because he's a really good young actor and this is twice now he's had to kill his mother. Albeit, less bloody this time around.

I do hope he gets a bigger role in something down the line--Kamen Rider again, maybe jump companies over to Ultraman, something like that. He's one of the best actors in Kyuuranger, and I really hope he goes places.
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So I just finished up South Korea's first original foray in the Power Rangers/Super Sentai franchise: Dino Force Brave. Yes, it has its problems. It goes too fast, and just about every character other than Juyong, Juhyeuk, Deisaurus, and occasionally Torin feels extraneous. Purun and Dohee are probably the worst offenders, since at least Sechang and Hyunjun were beginning to get personalities--those two never really developed.

But the acting is pretty good. I think it's probably the hardest thing to act well in anything that has this number of special effects and people in costumes. There's this inherent sense of "...you know I'm talking to a giant bird with hair coming out of his eyes," and the focus on action makes it hard to develop chemistry between the cast. But I think as far as it went with everyone coming to trust Juhyeuk and how badly he realized he needed their trust and friendship--that was done well.

The final battle does have me wondering if the last battle in any Sentai season should eschew traditional effects and rely heavily on CG. It is thrilling...but at the same time, everything is going by so quickly that it's really hard to see anything. I think if Sentai can figure out a better balance of that, they could make the most boring part of the show, the giant robot vs. monster battle, one of the most exciting.

Also, props to the casts of Dino Force Brave and Zyuohger for one of the best hand-offs in history. The Sentai hand-offs are a tradition, usually between the Reds of each team. As far as Power Rangers is concerned, the only real hand-offs have happened in a meta sense, with one season's cast announcing the next during conventions, and the Sudarso brothers putting together their own Blue Ranger hand-off from Dino Charge to Ninja Steel. But I like how Juyong and Juhyeuk handled theirs to "Animal Force," or the Zyuohgers. It's a good way to get everyone pumped for the next season, and it looks like they tried to have at least Yamato's actor flown out to South Korea for the hand-off. It's cute.

Overall, don't expect anything mesmerizing. A lot of the issues with Sentai and Power Rangers as a whole are still there, but it's still pretty memorable. It's just meant to have fun, and that's sometimes what you want to see most.
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Thank you again, Garou, for being the gayest wolf in the galaxy.
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Finally, a Hame episode! It's about time! I guess the personality they're going with for her is "spunky go-get-em girl," which I'm okay with, so long as it's consistent and we get more of her. Spada's even managing to grow on me, though I will forever associate him with "face in ass" defeats enemies.

As for the B plot...it's probably carried a little stronger. The A plot is typical Star Trek style fare, which is great and all, but I literally forgot about the Vela Kyuutama being a plot point because they were trying to prevent a girl from being sacrificed to Evil Nessie and Naaga was being an idiot. Takatylo Ren's revelation was well-acted, but I think the close-up on Stinger's face killed some of the tension. Just the angle, it makes his face look awkward.

But, hey! They finally remembered how to use ninja powers! I mean, it's only been two years. Give us more of Hame using them. Don't make this like "Oh, right, Fuuka was clumsy in the first episode, remember that?" from Ninninger.
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Okay, it might have been a mistake to watch this after the Doubutsu Sentai mini-movies. I'm enjoying Hiroya's get up a little too much, and I swear there is a blink-and-miss-it cameo by Jealousshito.

I am very proud of Lucky and Spada for trying to stop themselves from falling a third time...but then the gold bedpan from Ninninger made a cameo too.

And while I'm not crazy that Hame was out of the episode for so long, at least they had her running evacuations. Plus, we get her episode next time, so hopefully that'll work out. Maybe now, we're getting things a little more balanced in terms of characters.
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Again, not much energy from me, sorry. But good episode. I kind of needed it, with Lucky's insistence on trying to turn his luck around.
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Okay, let's start with the fun, shall we?

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And now onto the not-so-fun stuff. Right now, I'm putting my latest, completed, fic on hold. Yes, it's done, but it's not completely edited, and I can't think of a title. Trying to look at it is really messing up my head right now. And while I know, I shouldn't get this upset about a fic...over the last year, I've started to suspect I might have depression. Or a version of it, anyway. Maybe dysthymia if it continues like this for another year. I'm not super-depressed all the time. But when I have bad days, I have very bad days. And last May was about 31 days of bad ones. And February, after my car accident, I was having some bad episodes too. It's worse when I'm by myself.

But yeah, until I can get my brain back under control, I don't think I'll be doing anything major in terms of writing. I can't get excited enough about it to get anything coming, even though just a few weeks ago, I had tons of ideas.

Ultimately, I know the best thing for me is to get out of my work environment, but that's not really an option right now, if only because nothing I've applied to, whether it's a new job or grad school, has panned out. And those rejections take a toll too, making everything worse. And I really can't take much in the way of time off because my manager is on extended leave because of a family medical emergency, and even if she wasn't, all of our sister schools have to meet and talk about what vacations we're going to take if we're even planning to take any. Then, half the time when I actually get a day off, I wind up sick because my immune system finally gives up. So...it's not fun, and I'm sorry if I haven't been all that much fun to be around lately or if I've let anyone down in any way. Just wanted to let you know why.
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No spoilers, just a surprisingly cute episode.

Ex-Aid still isn't my thing.
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Edit: Wait, Henshin Lesson 3--that's KO-35! And I swear you're playing the RPM background music! Is this secretly Power Rangers? It's secretly Power Rangers, isn't it?
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Watched the preview for GP at the end of Pun Sentai Crazyninjas (totally a more accurate title).

"At the end of the original Kamen Rider, 1 and 2 defeated Shocker." DUDE. SPOILER ALERT. I so did not need to know that Shocker is no longer a threat to the world.

"To correct history, they hold a Grand Prix!" ...This is going to be one of those "Owner got drunk" ideas to fix the timeline, right? I hope he gave Yuto some of what he was having. Maybe enough to make him not taste the shiitake.


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