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So I made a joke in my review that Uva looks like an evil Ben. And remembering Albedo and Eon, I made sure to point out he was the "other" Evil Ben.

Until I looked at the wiki and found out that of all of Ben's canon alternates, it looks like roughly HALF of them are evil.

...Fuck it. Uva is Official Evil Ben 10 #9.

Yes, I counted them.

Derailed 1

May. 29th, 2014 11:37 am
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So I almost accidentally listed this as femslash on AO3. Oops. Not like I don't troll-ship like mad anyway.

Chapter 1: What Did Butterflies Ever Do To You?
Summary: After a careless wish, Ben finds himself in a world where he never existed. Now, if he stands any chance of setting things right, he has to join with four unusual creatures for a time-trippin' ride that will make him wonder what he really should wish for. Meanwhile, Julie meets a young man who has his own plan to save the flow of time...

FFN (with Kapaychan's amazing art as a cover page)

Updates on this will be really slow, since I have a few chapters I think I have to completely rewrite because I currently hate them. Also, I'm not even done with the story, and I've had to change the villain.

I don't even have the heart to make the joke about how my plans went off the rails.
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Fuck it.

Within this year and the middle part of next, I will finish my Ben 10 fics.

The list:

"Princes of the Universe": 4 chapters planned, part of "The Theory of Everything."
"Destiny's Play": Unknown number of chapters, also part of "ToE."
"Journey through the Decayed": As many chapters as I can manage, final part of "ToE."
"Derailed": As many chapters as I can manage.

I'm not going to prolong this torture anymore. No matter how much the disillusionment hurts, I'm drawing into all of my former love of the series, even though I'm going to have to rely on a LOT of Queen and Kamen Rider, and I'm going to end it.

No more excuses. I'm ripping off this bandaid.

Edit: After writing up two of the planned chapters for "Princes of the Universe," I've deleted one of them. There are reasons I don't write Devlin's childhood, and it's the triggers. I might keep one and post it as a standalone sequel. It's a hell of a jump, but honestly, that's what I have to do. The rest is just too awful to consider.
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My day at work was awful. But my brother is home, and he and I hope to see the meteor shower tonight.

In the meantime, random background stuff I don't know if I'll be able to fit into the "Theory of Everything" universe:

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Akino Ame 12:40 pm
I used to be so patient. But now, I just see Ben's stubbornness about thinking he has to kill Kevin as a symptom of a much bigger problem

Akino Ame 12:41 pm
He's too dense to try to see another way
Over time, he has lost his creativity
He thinks it's got to be one specific way, and NOBODY can open his eyes. Not until after the fact
Sure, Gwen makes bad plans all around, but I look at Ben and his absolute insistence "Nope, Kevin is crazy and needs to be put down" and wonder "what the hell?"
Why NOT research into what fixed things the first time? Hell, they found out it was because somebody took a chance on him

Akino Ame 12:43 pm
Why not try? Why not give love that one more chance?
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"Forge of Creation" is still the best damn episode of Ben 10 ever.

Well, aside from "Ken 10," which gets an automatic pass because Greg Weisman and all. (Yes, I know he did two other episodes, but that was the best one)

Also, I probably should watch it again later when I'm not putting together my Madoka Figma and thus working myself up.
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I will never tire of how awesome a villain Greg was. Not because he was ultra-powerful, but because he was smart, and smart characters can best strong characters any day of the week.

He never had to do a thing. Ben found the aliens and weakened them through battle. Ben fought his way through the death traps to find the pieces of the Map of Infinity. Ben did all the work. Greg just took the prize--all according to plan. Brilliant.

Re: Fused

Oct. 25th, 2013 02:05 pm
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Yeesh. In retrospect, Ben takes a lot of severe head injuries, from concussions to electrical blasts to the prefrontal cortex.

Re: UA 1

Oct. 24th, 2013 01:58 pm
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Oh, the clumsy foreshadowing of Ben's Ultimates "scaring" him. Yeah, they never really did a good job on that. Much as I love Dwayne McDuffie, he wasn't very good at foreshadowing. Ben would say one thing that led the viewers to realize there was something important in the future, then contradict it when the time came to reveal the secret.

Also, I think the reason Ben ate so goddamn much (at least junk food and smoothies) is because the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix makes him burn calories fast. Transformations are too much on him. It's the same thing I theorize behind Haruto and the donuts--they're a quick source of sugar and fat, so Haruto can get a quick boost of energy right now from the sugar while having a slow burn of fat for later. Ben's got that with his smoothies, at least the sugar portion (the junk food probably makes up the fat). And it would explain why the two of them are so skinny.
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So I think I finally pinned down just why I'm having such a hard time writing "Derailed," particularly when it comes to Ben. And I realized it through rewatching Alien Force: Ben is the least interesting character in the fic.

The Imagin are insane. The AU version of Kevin is nice to build on. Owner and Naomi are their own brand of crazy. Not sure yet on what to do about Gwen. Yuto and Deneb--enough said.

And Julie.

Julie is the most interesting character in the whole fic. She's best friends with Yuto and Deneb (and there's plenty of shippy hints with them), she's dealing with Ben's awkwardness around her because they dated and broke up in the alternate timeline, she has Momotaros hating her, she has Urataros flirting with her and being wary of her--all of this. The story is rapidly becoming more and more about her.

It's the same problem I had with Kuuga. Don't get me wrong; I liked the show a lot, but it certainly wasn't for Yusuke Godai. It was for Ichijou and the rest of the police and researchers. The meat of the show wasn't about the Kamen Rider fighting his enemies; it was about ordinary humans trying to survive and fight against an ancient enemy out to massacre us for the lulz. It had that problem more thoroughly than Ryuki had its problem about Ren and Kabuto had its problem about Kagami. At least Shinji and Tendou--for better or worse--had their character arcs and development.

Still following through on my plans of Ben 10 Month, now on UA season 1 (the only season I'm bothering with). At least this is where, in-show, Ben really came into his own (although Kevin was definitely the one who was really the hero--we're back to the Kuuga problem again).
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I just realized that all the problems I have with Tendou are essentially the problems I have with Ben, except that Ben is constantly characterized as a complete dumbass.

Score 1 Tendou.

I think it's time I watch more Ultimate Alien and Alien Force to get Tendouson's voice back so I can write him again for "Derailed." The plot focuses too much on Julie right now. And I need to get over my problems with him. Maybe listening to "One World" will help.

Oh look. Eyeshine. My go-to band. And this song is perfect for my feelings on everything.

Fic piece

Aug. 16th, 2013 10:52 pm
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This is a ways off, and I'm not sure if I'll end up keeping it, but I had this going around in my head, and I really wanted to put it down before I forget it.

Wish I could say it was for "Derailed," but nope. Hopefully I can do much better work on it after "The Elephant in the Room" is done. And if I don't get sidetracked into sequels for it.

"He's creating a Westphall Singularity!"

"A what?"

"In the '80s, Dr. Tommy Westphall came up with this theory of multiple universes and how they could interconnect, in a kind of defiance of Schrodinger's cat. But by affecting one universe, you could affect all the others--Newton's 3rd law on equal and opposite reactions, and Everett's many worlds interpretation of the cat thought experiment. Affect one point, and it affects them all."


"It's like comic books, Ben. Think of various titles running their own stories, apparently disconnected. Then a huge crossover event draws them together and sets them in the same universe."

"Still not getting it."

"Let's say that in one hero's comic, a major city was destroyed. That means it has to be destroyed in the others' comics. If one has a very strict definition of physics or magic, it holds true for everyone else. Things begin to contradict each other. And eventually, the only way to fix things..."

"...Is to retcon."

"Yes, in essence. The Westphall Singularity is a cosmic retcon. If the Decay eats away at Cross-Time, the Singularity will grow larger until all of time is swallowed up."

I'm not a physicist; I just use Wikipedia. Many-worlds interpretation and Schrodinger's cat. Tommy Westphall is not a physicist either; he's a character in St. Elsewhere and prominently featured in Dwayne McDuffie's editorial Six Degrees of St. Elsewhere.
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I've come to the conclusion that Ben's character derailment from season 2 of Ultimate Alien on has a perfectly canon explanation.

In the season 1 UA episode "Duped," it was revealed that when Ben uses Echo Echo, his personality traits are split among the doubles, resulting in what essentially were his id, ego, and superego wandering around town.

As I pointed out in my review of "Absolute Power," the final episode of season 1, Kevin brutally murdered a bunch of Echo Echoes. Which would be Ben personality fragments.

And wouldn't you know it? That's the last season where he's acting like a rational human being.
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To The 10th Power
Chapter: Paradox
Notes: Count the Den-O references! Also, Doctor Who because it was inevitable.

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To The 10th Power
Chapter: Hopecaster Charmcaster
Notes: Anyone who tries to change my mind about the character by citing "Enemy of My Frenemy" or "Couples Retreat" will be ignored.

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To The 10th Power
Chapter: Albedo

That should be a warning, guys )

To the 10th

Jul. 7th, 2012 09:28 pm
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To The 10th Power
Chapter: Vilgax
Notes: Sorry for Vilgax being more of a DCAU villain than canon. I tried my best.

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Title: To The 10th Power
Chapter: Azmuth

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