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Huh. I realize that I keep using that mental comparison between Matt from W.I.T.C.H. and Shingo from OOO.

I mean, it helps that they both got possessed by monsters that did some crazy things to their hair.

I should stick with this.
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Rewatching "W is for Witch" brings up so many disturbing questions I never thought of the last three or so times I watched it:

Why does Knickerbocker automatically assume that Nerissa's attack is Irma's fault? Irma literally JUST got to the fair and was almost hurt. What the FUCK is wrong with this school that they ask her what's going on instead of if she's okay?

If this is a skit, shouldn't SOMEONE be a little concerned that a bunch of middle schoolers are using "Hong Kong wirework" and "pyrotechnics," particularly in a SCHOOL CARNIVAL? Or that Matt put on about 200 pounds of muscle overnight?

Are those guys in the background Klansmen or just in ill-advised ghost costumes?

And how much better would it be if we replaced Prince Phobos with Prince Vekar?
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Placeholder rant for the next time I'm iconning W.I.T.C.H. and am unnecessarily aggravated by the overboard magenta/yellow/red saturation in the first several episodes of season 2, the inconsistent designs (with things REALLY going off-model a couple of times in season 1), inconsistency in the size of the Heart, and overall just having the ugliest witch who ever uglied be the single most appealing piece of art in the whole show.

Also, no. Don't say "the comic is better" because quite frankly, I don't like the comic's artwork either.

*goes off to work grumbling*
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Y is for Yield )

Z is for Zenith )
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Trigger warning: Rape is discussed during O.

M is for Mercy )

N is for Narcissist )

O is for Obedience )
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Just did the notes for "M is for Mercy." I've been so excited about this episode. I love it--it's definitely one of the best of W.I.T.C.H. and the one that convinced me this was one of my favorite shows ever. It's got all the elements that I love in a Kobayashi Rider series--issues of desire, mercy, hatred, great characters, quasi-sympathetic villains that you really question yourself about...everything.

Now, to figure out how to do the review without going on a long tangent on Ryuki/Den-O/OOO or Eyeshine's "Deciding So Blindly" (totally the theme of this episode and C.H.Y.K.N. in general).

Never once knowing the price,
Deciding so blindly
Throwing your hope in the wind
What are you finding?
So much lost, through the gaps in your fingers
Can you see it now?
The price of desire?
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An important note before we start. You're going to start seeing trigger warnings here. Especially with the next batch, M-O. See, season two of W.I.T.C.H. is more mature than the first season, and around this time, it starts dealing with some more mature material. It's nothing too graphic or explicit to be shown on a kids' show for seven-year-olds and up, but it's still important to note.

These episodes are going to deal with torture. Now, I haven't warned for torture before, like in Lost Galaxy when Deviot tortures Leo because it's very expressly meant to be bad, and they don't show a whole lot of it. In "L is for Loser," we'll see the same thing going on to Matt. However, I know that animal cruelty is another story entirely for many people. So if this makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you skip "L is for Loser." There will be another warning down there.

I is for Illusion )

J is for Jewel )

K is for Knowledge )

L is for Loser )
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Nothing gets you out of a post-illness drained funk than finding out that Greg Weisman answered one of your questions, so you have material to use for a review.
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Notes are done for episodes "I is for Illusion" and "J is for Jewel." Unfortunately, I'm suffering from a mild allergy attack, so my head is too foggy to translate these notes into anything resembling coherent. Otherwise, it'll just be one long spiel about HONOOOORRRR!!!! and Raythor and Villamax.
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Disclaimer: My sister was the deciding factor on one of the most horrible puns I've ever made. I asked her opinion, and she agreed it was too awful not to use. You'll know it when you see it.

C is for Changes )

D is for Dangerous )

E is for Enemy )
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WHOA. Need to watch what I'm typing more carefully.

I was writing up my W.I.T.C.H. review for "D is for Dangerous" and accidentally wrote that Matt and Caleb were practicing marital arts.

I know they've got a ton of ho yay in that episode, but c'mon!
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A is for Anonymous )

B is for Betrayal )


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