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Nope. They’re all based on aspects of technology in some degree or another, the Entity exemplifying glitches, the King of Worms robots… and… well, others you might meet in the future. =)

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Neither. Turns out ancient aliens visited the Aztecs and gave them a special belt that turned a guy into a Man-God called the Pumaman. THAT’S the actual answer.

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Joe already assisted with the construction of Comicron Two. Also: the NC really doesn’t. He’s a comedian friend of Linkara’s who only causes him more misery every time they interact (See: Kickassia, Suburban Knights, To Boldly Flee, the various crossovers). Even if he thought about people like Devilboner or Bennie… it’s a biker and an assassin, neither of whom are particularly helpful against an Eldritch abomination. Admittedly, probably more useful than a guy into 90s culture and a Jazz singer, but they’re already there (and have proven useful in the past) and they don’t need to swing around to earth to pick them up.

Plus… you know, they had a plan already and didn’t need to involve anyone else.

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More that storylines will often develop into different directions than originally intended. For instance, I had originally thought the Entity arc would end in another Power Rangers-style fight, since I thought ALL the arcs would end that way at the time. That changed the more I thought about it, since it’s already ridiculous that some random comic reviewer goes through this stuff, but having him literally kill a God with a Power Rangers toy is just… dumb. And unbecoming of the kind of threat they’re supposed to be.

The Gun and Sorcery arc was originally going to be about going back to basics - less other tech and toys and focus strictly on the magic gun, with Margaret refusing to help out of a sense of jealousy, which was also just dumb and lame. As Linkara shed himself of other weaponry, Jaeris would INCREASE his own arsenal. There were also supposed to be two more stops along the way in the quest - one in dueling a random warrior along the way who intended to block Linkara’s quest for whatever reason (that Linkara would go back to and help afterwards) and a witch who would point Linkara in Aplos’ direction and show that there were really two types of magic users still around - the ones like the witch, who basically refuses to change with the times and spends most of their time in quiet contemplation and forlorn about how the old ways aren’t around anymore… and Aplos who is happy to live in modern society and his sorcery is more a part-time hobby.

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2009: Annoying in some aspects, but carried very successfully by a group of very well-chosen actors.

Into Darkness: There are parts I like, but it refuses to take risks in some ways, especially in the ending, and in the end just becomes bad.

Beyond: VERY good! Loved it!

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They do not care about the Plot Hole. It’s just some other cosmic, interdimensional anomaly.

Now, as we established last Halloween, they ARE connected to the Quasi-Demonic Intergalactic Force of Evil (and major thanks to @lindsayetumbls and @nellachronism for their permission and help with it!)

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You know comic book sales charts? You would THINK those are the amount sold in stores, maybe including digital sales.

That is not how comic sales are determined.

Comic sales are based on when stores PREORDER comics… three months in advance. That means by the time readers have the first issue in hand for a new comic, stores are getting ready to order the third or fourth issue. And bear in mind, they’re GUESSING about what’s going to be popular. It’s not like comics are sent to stores in advance for the owners to read through them and see “Wow, this is really good! People will love this!” It’s based on a small solicitation that might include a sentence or two describing the issue and the creative team. MAYBE the solicitation is larger and more eye-catching if the company decides to really push and promote it.

Now, knowing that, you might also think “Well, comic companies have to know that and plan accordingly based on the idea that they won’t get REAL feedback for a few months!” Yeeeaaah no. A series could be on the chopping block by the time readers actually get the first issue based solely on those initial preorder numbers.

And like I hinted: those numbers DO NOT INCLUDE digital sales. Trades and digital CAN make a difference later on… maybe. Sometimes companies wholesale ignore digital sales because brick and mortar stores are considered their bread and butter. Trades can help, but by that point six issues may have past.

So, how does preodering keep a series going? By telling your comic store to preorder it for you, it’s counted among the actual sales numbers of the book. It’s a dumb, idiotic system… but it’s the system we’ve got.

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“Are SJWs with zero interest in comics destroying the industry?”

Short answer: No.


The industry is falling apart because of longstanding problems with the way comics are distributed, marketed, and their own inability to change with the times. If you really want to read about the things that are damaging the industry (and by industry, let’s face it - we mostly mean the Big Two), look up an essay called “Shut the Fuck Up, Marvel,” where Colin Spacetwinks breaks down exactly the real issues here, and it has nothing to do with the “SJWs” or any bullcrap like that.

Lindsay S. Pumpkins on Twitter

Sep. 21st, 2017 11:01 pm
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Lindsay S. Pumpkins on Twitter:



It’s not actually 46k tweets, FYI. ;-) But a very valuable read. - Arkle

When Lindsay asks for promotion/recommendations of YouTube media critics who are not white guys, she really means it! And I want them too! Please share!


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