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So Photobucket now has a limit on their free storage and won't grandfather in someone who's had an account for over 10 years. I'm slowly going through my old pics and downloading ones I want to keep.

Starting off with my cousin's wedding 12 years ago. I wish I'd had the foresight to get my photos of my grandfather.
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I wish there was a way to just say "Hey, these are my ships, this is kinda what I'd like, here's my please don't do this list" for a fic exchange that doesn't result in me getting horribly intimidated and hiding under my covers.

There's literally no reason for me to freak out about this. Why am I freaking out over this?
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Dear Ankh,

It is fucking annoying as all hell trying to write about Lost Ankh through your point of view. Given you absolutely refuse to acknowledge him. And I still have to use your name for him at some point.


No love,



Apr. 15th, 2019 02:17 pm
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All right, so the revision of chapter 1 is looking good, and I'm getting close to the part where I won't need to rewrite as much. Chapter 2 could use probably a bit of rewrite in the first scene, but I think the rest is solid. It could use a little expansion anyway. And then three doesn't need anything, I don't think, and maybe I can start getting four to continue again.
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Reviews are coming along pretty well, despite everything. The past three midnights let me get through two and a half episodes' worth of notes. I'll be posting them as soon as I've got five episodes to go.

I am tired.

Okay fine

Apr. 4th, 2019 12:42 pm
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Fine, muses, G'kar. I'll stop at this one really good point in chapter 4 for right now so that I can go back and clean up chapter 1.

Also, what the hell is up with my health right now? Allergy attack sent me home early from work on Tuesday, yesterday I had stomach cramps in the last hours of work, that have continued into today, and this morning I woke up with a low-grade fever and aching in the back of my neck? I go to Disney on Saturday--am I seriously allergic to Disney? Because this is NOT the first time I've had stomach problems pop up just before something Disney-related (my disaster at the 5K last year).
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Muses, while I appreciate that you're all-in on this "badass Hina" thing...no. The fic cannot end with "And then Hina uses the sword to cut off the Yummy's foot and it explodes and everyone lives happily ever after." There is a LOT of emotional depth that needs to be explored. We have at LEAST a chapter and a half to finish.

I don't know why I suddenly lack the drive to write on the day I managed to have extra time to write. It figures.
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So it's not exactly a tradition to do a joke review on April Fool's Day, especially considering that I've only done it once in the last...well, since 2013, and possibly ever, but I was hoping to do an April Fool's review of He-Low in place of Orb. This got shelved for two major reasons: 1. I was working midnight last week, so I never had the time to sit down and review it. Hell, I tried doing notes on the first episode of Orb yesterday, but because it was somehow ridiculously busy between the hours of 12 - 8 in the fucking morning, I never got past Gai's entrance in the freezer truck (which, trust me, is ridiculous enough to probably warrant a page and a half of analysis).

The second reason is that I watched He-Low a few weeks ago, and I still have no idea what the hell I watched.

For those who don't know, He-Low is a low-budget, crowdsourced movie created by Hassei Takano, also known as Tezuka of Kamen Rider Ryuki and Bitchy Tezuka (also called Fujimiya) of Ultraman Gaia. Following his appearance in Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga, he was apparently really, really impressed with Juggler's actor, Takaya Aoyagi, and asked him to star in a movie about a Sentai-like hero who lost his final battle with the forces of evil, along with his memory, and now has to overcome that defeat in order to defeat the bad guys once and for all.

It sounds like a really intense, emotional movie, perfect for the actor who played someone infamous for being rejected by the Light.

It is actually an insane piece of crack that basically acts as a chance for a bunch of Ultraman and Ryuki actors to just goof off and have fun.

I...I really can't put it into words right now. I fully intend to do a full post about it, but...I don't think it'll be as much of a "review" as much as it will be a series of screencaps and me going "...what am I watching?"

And to preface, yes, I did watch it raw. But no, subtitles would not make this make ANY more sense.

Let me put it to you this way: Takashi Hagino, Asakura's actor, is in this. And the whole thing is so fucking insane that I have no idea who he played! How do you LOSE Asakura in a movie?

When you interrupt a training montage so that Juggler can snuggle with bunnies, that's how!
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Okay, so I just came off a week of midnights, I have another midnight tonight, and stuff I really want to get to.

1. I can start doing Orb reviews at work, so long as it isn't as insane as it's been. I'll bring my notebook so I can jot down notes on what happened, and I can transcribe them into a review later.

2. G'Kar is looking at the first chapter of "Gone Tomorrow" and pointing out how it doesn't sync up with the rest of the fic. That's primarily because I originally started this fic during Kamen Rider Build, so when Zi-O came out, suddenly I felt like I needed to shift the way things end up happening in this alteration. So the first chapter runs with a bit more of the idea of an altered world "for want of a nail," but then Zi-O came along and did that, so I wanted to try something different. Now it's more a matter that the world has lost its memory, and Ankh is the only one who knows better--similar to stuff I've already done, but if I strengthen chapter one, it'll be better.

Oh, also, Ultraman Zero took over my brainspace for a while last night. That was fun. The rest of my muses are not going to get along with him at all.


Mar. 18th, 2019 02:18 pm
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Found fragments of a fic I'd started just before my old jump drive had to be retired. A lot of the details in it were incorporated into "The Albatross," but I never did find a way to use the idea of a Platypus Yummy, or about Ankh trying to vocalize birdsong with a human voice.
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My idiot threesome wants fluff. Instead, I have an intensely emotional fight that will probably need more time to sit down and write than I have in the next coming weeks, and Eiji's not around, and I have to figure out what Hina can use as a weapon other than a tree or a rock.

Also I have an interview on Tuesday. But my Eiji muse is restless. Also the deep desire to have a fucking month of nothing but badass Hina fics is still there, even though Hinamatsuri was earlier in the month. I may have to get some stuff ready over the course of the year and be ready to dump a month of Hina fics next March.
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Don't get me wrong, I love Hikaru/Sho in Ginga. Hell, I ship Hikaru/Everyone.

...But I really, REALLY like Hikaru/Tomoya and I am sad that Tomoya didn't have more to do in Ginga S and that the ship is nonexistent in the teeny-tiny Ginga section on AO3.

I really DO have to write it one day, after I sit down and watch the series all over again. My Hikaru muse is all for Tomoya just going on about science stuff while he mostly tunes him out and just watches.
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So, normally, I have no problem writing a tiny bit of my fic in half an hour before work, but I'm starting a new chapter, so I want to have a little extra time to get myself into it.

Also I may have to change the last chapter's title back to its working title, since it ended up with a Hina focus instead of an Ankh focus, and the working title feels more like Hina's progress through it. Ankh can probably touch more on the emotional consequences that the current title alludes to.

Also my Eiji muse is just kind of hanging around in the back of my head still and wants something to do, since he's barely in this fic.

I really hope I can get back to "Project Silver" after this, and something else won't eat up my brain.

I've also been working on my resume for a counseling position at work that's closer to home and has a less disruptive schedule, so I might actually be able to devote more time to writing. Hopefully. Assuming I won't have to go in every time I'm on call.

Well, here's hoping.
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I swear, right now my brain is all "Rangers."

Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

He-Low with Juggler as a Red Ranger.

And the three words that have changed my life, thanks to the Kamen Rider OOO Final Stage show:

"Yokubou Sentai Greeedman."
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Why is it that so many of my ships are doomed to tragedy? I just want my idiots to be happy.

This episode brought to you by R/B.
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Just started the review, and it's coming along swimmingly, with lots of stupid jokes, such as that one.


Dec. 30th, 2018 11:37 pm
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Saw Aquaman tonight. I never thought that a cross between The Little Mermaid and Thor could work so well.

It's funny how ten years ago, the idea of an Aquaman movie was a joke. Well, look who's laughing all the way to the bank now.
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Dear Ankh-muse,

What are you going to do when I actually have to put Goto in this fic for anything to work?



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