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Okay, so I laughed my ass off when Juggler showed up on the beach where this happened. Honestly, if he and Gai just settled things with hatesex on the beach, over a hundred years worth of rivalry would never have happened. See, Psychi? THIS is how you stop conflict--let them fuck it out.

The confrontation between Psychi and Gai was good, even if Psychi is really unconvincing. I mean, you can't say that you're waging war and committing horrific acts of violence against people...because you hate war and horrific acts of violence against people. It was great seeing Juggler just try to cut him down mid-monologue, only for him to reveal he could warp out of the attack. Plus containing Gai's power by trapping him in a forcefield that would absorb the light--that was a great way to stop him. And the fact that Psychi insists that he's doing this as a fellow follower of the light adds to Juggler forsaking it completely.

But then Juggler insists on saving Gai from the forcefield even though Gai screams at him to run before the bombs go off. God, boys, could you be any shippier? Can't wait to see how this turns into Juggler going out of his way to fuck over Gai's entire life and convincing everyone but himself that he'll kill him.
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