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Finally, a Hame episode! It's about time! I guess the personality they're going with for her is "spunky go-get-em girl," which I'm okay with, so long as it's consistent and we get more of her. Spada's even managing to grow on me, though I will forever associate him with "face in ass" defeats enemies.

As for the B plot...it's probably carried a little stronger. The A plot is typical Star Trek style fare, which is great and all, but I literally forgot about the Vela Kyuutama being a plot point because they were trying to prevent a girl from being sacrificed to Evil Nessie and Naaga was being an idiot. Takatylo Ren's revelation was well-acted, but I think the close-up on Stinger's face killed some of the tension. Just the angle, it makes his face look awkward.

But, hey! They finally remembered how to use ninja powers! I mean, it's only been two years. Give us more of Hame using them. Don't make this like "Oh, right, Fuuka was clumsy in the first episode, remember that?" from Ninninger.
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