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Despite giving myself a (minor) second-degree burn on my finger the other day from a hot glue gun (+ klutz = well, you can figure it out for yourself, can't you?), I managed to get through three chapters of "Project Silver"!

And on top of it, chapter 3 is only its first draft. I succeeded in not G'Kar-ing the fuck out of it.

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Almost done with this chapter, and I think it'll be the version I'll go with. Everything's starting to flow well.

Just have to figure out one thing, though--this fic, in some way, takes place across multiple timelines. There's bits I left a little open from "Kings and Vagabonds," and I'm still working out how frequently I want to revisit those bits. I won't be able to fit them all into chapter one, so I'm not quite sure when I should revisit certain bits, namely the hints I dropped that 40 years in the future, DenLiner had to ensure that everyone and everything was in the right place and time to save Eiji's life.
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Chapter 9: What Hearts Are Made Of
Summary: Hina, Ankh, Rei, and all the others make their final stand to save Shingo and Eiji and prove what's stronger than fear.

Bibliography )
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All right, got a unified start to the first chapter draft of "Project Silver." Hopefully, things will finally start rolling on this.

Flame 8

Jul. 4th, 2015 05:32 pm
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This one took me a little longer to edit, since I had to keep up with Date's particular terms of address (namely, "Anko").

Chapter 8: Lost Blaze
Summary: Ankh is back, for now, and as everyone plans to stop the Leeches for good, Hina has to figure out if she's strong enough to take back what she loves.

Flame 7

Jun. 27th, 2015 08:25 am
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Chapter 7: Things Left Unsaid
Summary: Morning comes, and Eiji hasn't woken up. While Date and Ami have to bring yet another person into the mess, Rei prepares to make a prayer she never wanted to. And as Hina copes with the things she should have said, she finds Eiji's last hope might have been there the whole time.

Notes: I honestly scored this chapter to music from Babylon 5 and The Legend of Korra. The first scene is from the "Sleeping in Light" soundtrack: The White Light/Echoes From The Past/Dying Station/Delenn's Sunrise. The vision scene is Jinora's Light from Korra, seguing into B5's "The Dream" from Lost Tales, which I'm failing to find somewhere you don't have to pay.

Flame 6

Jun. 20th, 2015 10:08 am
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AKA one of only two chapters that didn't need extensive rewriting.

Chapter 6: A Priestess of Mars
Summary: Sailor Coronis helps fend off the Leeches, but Eiji is fading fast. While they, Hina, and Rei regroup, Date and Ami try to figure out a new plan of attack against the Leeches, the Medals, and Shingo.

Flame 5

Jun. 13th, 2015 11:34 am
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Chapter 5: Where Shadows Fall
Summary: The Leeches take Shingo and Hina hostage, offering an ultimatum to Eiji: Surrender and they will not be harmed. Continue fighting, and they will break their minds. But his friends aren't about to let him give up, and unexpected guardians come to their aid.

Note: I recommend "Ai no Senshi" for the battle and "Zan" for the escape.

Flame 4

Jun. 6th, 2015 11:51 am
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Chapter 4: Let the Shadows In
Summary: While Rei performs purification rites on Eiji, Ami faces a difficult battle against the Leeches, somehow stronger than ever. And despite everyone's best efforts, Hina may be drawn into the middle of everything.

Note: I promise you, Date's explanation of the Sailor Moon manga is technically accurate. Also, I will put up a bibliography including all the Shinto rites and terms used in here.

Flame 3

May. 30th, 2015 12:16 am
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Chapter 3: Chasing Darkness
Summary: With Eiji recovering alarmingly fast, the Riders and Sailors compare notes, while Shingo hopes to find a way to protect them from the Leeches.

Flame 2

May. 24th, 2015 02:22 pm
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Chapter 2: Patterns of Light and Darkness
Summary: As Eiji recovers from the attack, Rei comes to grips with what he hasn't told her, Date and Ami try to put the past behind them, and Hina starts to face the things she can never tell him.

Still feeling bad today, but not quite as sick. Going to take it easy all day. Sucks, though, that almost every time I have a holiday, I wind up getting sick.
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It took for-frickin'-ever, but I got the damn fic written and halfway edited. I can finally post, and since I always try to post something on my birthday...

Snow, Flowers, Flame
Rated: T
Pairings: There is no selection for "It's complicated": Hina has a crush on Eiji, Eiji's asexual and nobody's sure if he's aromantic too, Ami is asexual and aromantic, Date's sexuality is comfortably ambiguous, Rei seems aromantic but canon shows she might be more attracted to women than to men, and I seriously do not know how to explain this more clearly.
Summary: A premonition of danger, a phone call, and dark shadows bring Eiji together with his older sister, Rei, who is none too pleased to learn of the secrets he's kept from her; reunite Drs. Date and Ami, old friends who haven't spoken since Date's injury; and put Hina and Shingo in the uncomfortable situation of wanting to help but being unable to. As the darkness closes around them, it may just come down to Hina to find her true strength to hold them all together.
Third in the "Kings and Vagabonds" series

Chapter 1: Bone, Shadow, Blades
Summary: An attack on one of Eiji's neighbors drags him and Hina into a battle with the darkness itself while old secrets come to light between him and his sister, Rei, and between Ami and her old friend Date.

Also posted! The final chapter of Vagabonds on FFN.
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Chapter 8 is up on FFN.

In other news, a character from the new fic is now apparently voiced by Bester in my mind? Previously, he was voiced by John DeLancie. So I guess I know how this person should go.
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About to start a fic, so it's time to delve into way too much research than I actually need in order to get the background information that's probably three textbooks thick for something I'm going to condense down into probably a paragraph and a line of "Cosmic energy--I don't have to explain it."

Also, cosmic energy is the new magic.
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Because I'll be out of town the weekend of next week, I'm not going to worry about editing or posting yet. It'll give me time to clear my mind and start organizing the next fic in the universe. Then I can go and read through everything for consistency and do some actual editing.
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Chapter 7 now live on FFN.


Apr. 27th, 2015 12:44 pm
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Finally done with all 9 chapters of "Snow, Flowers, Flame." I know I'll need to fix up the final line (because I only ever put the final lines to stop myself, then I can clean it up in editing) and do some editing and continuity checks because I've rewritten this thing so many goddamn times, but it is DONE.
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Chapter 6 of Vagabonds reposted to FFN now.

Still hard at work on the final chapter of "Snow, Flowers, Flame," and so far so good. I'm hoping this doesn't lead to pain.
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Chapter 5 now live on FFN.
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Oh god, I'm finally on the last chapter. How did I even manage it?


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