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I don't know if even Peter Sudarso can save this show for me anymore.

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So I just finished up South Korea's first original foray in the Power Rangers/Super Sentai franchise: Dino Force Brave. Yes, it has its problems. It goes too fast, and just about every character other than Juyong, Juhyeuk, Deisaurus, and occasionally Torin feels extraneous. Purun and Dohee are probably the worst offenders, since at least Sechang and Hyunjun were beginning to get personalities--those two never really developed.

But the acting is pretty good. I think it's probably the hardest thing to act well in anything that has this number of special effects and people in costumes. There's this inherent sense of "...you know I'm talking to a giant bird with hair coming out of his eyes," and the focus on action makes it hard to develop chemistry between the cast. But I think as far as it went with everyone coming to trust Juhyeuk and how badly he realized he needed their trust and friendship--that was done well.

The final battle does have me wondering if the last battle in any Sentai season should eschew traditional effects and rely heavily on CG. It is thrilling...but at the same time, everything is going by so quickly that it's really hard to see anything. I think if Sentai can figure out a better balance of that, they could make the most boring part of the show, the giant robot vs. monster battle, one of the most exciting.

Also, props to the casts of Dino Force Brave and Zyuohger for one of the best hand-offs in history. The Sentai hand-offs are a tradition, usually between the Reds of each team. As far as Power Rangers is concerned, the only real hand-offs have happened in a meta sense, with one season's cast announcing the next during conventions, and the Sudarso brothers putting together their own Blue Ranger hand-off from Dino Charge to Ninja Steel. But I like how Juyong and Juhyeuk handled theirs to "Animal Force," or the Zyuohgers. It's a good way to get everyone pumped for the next season, and it looks like they tried to have at least Yamato's actor flown out to South Korea for the hand-off. It's cute.

Overall, don't expect anything mesmerizing. A lot of the issues with Sentai and Power Rangers as a whole are still there, but it's still pretty memorable. It's just meant to have fun, and that's sometimes what you want to see most.
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Still the least subtle foreshadowing since...well, you'll see when I get to it in the Power Rangers in Space review.

Juhyuk is still my favorite shitlord. "If you hire me as a mercenary, then MAYBE I'll help." With Dohee like "...fuck this guy. seriously, fuck this guy."

And then add him to the end credits with the Rangers dancing. I'm guessing someone took him up on that offer.

Honestly, it's still a bit The Juyong Show, but now that there's more focus on Juhyuk, the others are getting more to do. Looking forward to Sechang getting some much-needed development.
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So more money does not make Juhyuek stronger? Well, that's a shame. Still, I do like that Juyong pointed out everyone's strengths and had them coordinate them in battle...while Sechang had to insist that his wasn't charisma, but grace. It would have been better if he'd defeated Juhyeuk by flirting or something. Still sorry to see it all coming down to Red as always, but at least up until that point, both the suit and zord battles were great.
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The format of the show makes it really heavy-handed at foreshadowing, but okay. Juhyeuk is quite honestly my favorite shitlord because he made Neo-Deboss pay him in a pyramid of gold ingots PLUS a dish full of gold coins...and he still had the balls to tell them that they only paid enough to contract him to FIGHT the Rangers, not to actually kill them. I love it.

There was also ridiculously obvious CGI...but I'm okay with it for one reason--it made the zord battle more interesting. See, the zord battles have always been the part that bored me the most in Power Rangers and Sentai. All respect to the art and to the stuntmen in those bulky suits, but they need to design them in a way that can move more easily. Look at Ultraman--those are simple suits for the heroes and heavier ones for the monsters. Figure out how to make a detailed suit that will allow the kind of acrobatics we get there. The CGI helped a lot to convey that King Ptera Brave completely outclassed them. You felt every hit. He was too strong, too fast, and altogether too skilled. THIS is how you introduce an evil Ranger. The Dino Force never landed a hit. I don't want to see the suit acting disappear altogether, but if this helps every once in a while to convey a brutal attack, then I'm okay with it.

Also, props to them for trying to think their way out of this bad situation. Purun reasons that if Juhyeuk is a mercenary, then because he's obscenely wealthy, they could try paying him to change sides. But Sechang is hesitant--not because of any moral problem, but because he's worried about how it will look for him if his fans find out that he paid off a mercenary to stop attacking him. Admittedly, these characters need some serious work to get out of their very archetypical personalities, but hey, that debate was good to see.
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Another bad day. Mood improved from watching Dino Force Brave. It's very rushed, and character development is lacking, and they're really pushing a teamship when they haven't really built anything, but I can forgive it considering its 12-minute episode format. But they need to speed up the transformations or something.

Also, this moment.

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It was almost a year ago that Yoshi Sudarso gave us a shock by making a cameo in Ninninger. Now, he's gotten a surprise of his own, announcing his brother, Peter, as the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger.

Congrats, Peter, no matter what, this is going to be one hell of a season.

...Also, I guess I should probably put down the money for a Ninninger T-shirt in celebration or something.


Nov. 13th, 2015 02:10 pm
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So my brain went on an interesting tangent earlier, one that's making it hard to focus on my second statement of purpose.

Also, it helps if you read this with John Oliver's voice, from Last Week Tonight:

"Tommy Oliver is the king of being kidnapped. He's been kidnapped so many times that I'm sure this is why things didn't work out with Kimberly or Kat. He can no longer get an erection unless, like James Bond, he's strapped to a table with a laser slowly making its way up to his crotch."

...You know, I'm going to hell in so many different ways that it ceases to have meaning anymore.


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