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Chapter 9: What Hearts Are Made Of
Summary: Hina, Ankh, Rei, and all the others make their final stand to save Shingo and Eiji and prove what's stronger than fear.

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Just want to test an imageset I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a lot in my reviews.

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Took a while, but I finally got this posted.

Title: Pieces of Me
Rated: T
Summary: In the aftermath of "Kings and Vagabonds," Eiji tries to recover from the physical and mental turmoil he went through in the past. But with old wounds aggravated by new, he has a hard time finding his way back to himself. And asking others to help carry a burden he knows is heavy may be harder than trying to shoulder it himself.

This was an intensely personal fic to write, which is why it took me so long to do it. I know it may not seem like it, since I was posting "Vagabonds" throughout November and December, but keep in mind that I completed "Vagabonds" on Halloween. I've spent the past few months working on this fic, trying to work out my own emotions while working out Eiji's.

A few months ago, a friend of mine went through a really terrible time, and she's still working her way through it. With that in my mind, I couldn't just jump from the end of "Vagabonds" into "Snow, Flowers, Flame" without some degree of recovery and aftermath. This was kind of part of the healing process--hopefully for her, as well as for me. To show that no matter how hard things get, happy endings are possible and not always too far out of reach. And it's not on one person alone. And maybe it took a dozen rewrites and getting upset and having to overhaul the entire second half of the fic, but if it does good, then that's good.

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I said I did a lot of research for this fic, and I wasn't kidding. Not all of it got used, but here's my references.


Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Wikia: Medal Tree scan
Screencap of OOO codex, 1
Codex p2, with picture of OOO Inspiration for Human Combo
Codex p3, Medal Tree detail
Codex p4, the King
Codex p5, Gara's device and alchemical symbols

Youtube: Expert Village: Taekwondo crescent kicks
Youtube: Howcast: Taekwondo back kick


World History Timeline: 13th century
Wikipedia: Japan: Kamakura period
Wikipedia: Matsudaira clan
Wikipedia: Rulers of Thuringia

Medieval Names

Medieval naming guide

Medieval Hygiene and Medicine

History Undressed: Medieval hygiene
Bathing: A history
Lords and Ladies: Medicine in the Middle Ages
Medieval remedies
Little Details: Medieval razors
History Undressed: Methods of hair removal

Medieval European Fashion

History of costume: 1100-1450
Middle Ages fashion in Germany
Medieval costume links
Clothing and Fashion in the Middle Ages
Wikipedia: Medieval jewelry
Wikipedia: 1200-1300 in European fashion
Rosalie's Medieval Woman

Castle Life

Rooms in a medieval castle
History Undressed: Sleeping arrangements
About: History: Canopy Beds
his story, her story: Bed in Medieval and Tudor England
Wikipedia: Bed
Beds in late medieval and Tudor times
Life in a medieval castle
Four-Poster Bed Company: History


Wikipedia: Medieval cuisine
--Regional cuisines
--History of wine
Medieval drinks
Archeological find: Medieval baby bottles
Wikipedia: Thuringian sausage
Sudanese recipes
Embassy of Sudan: Sudanese food


Wikipedia: Cleopatra the Alchemist
Wikipedia: Alchemical substances
Wikipedia: Diana's Tree


Drugs.com: Shoulder sprain guide
Merck Manuals: Chelation therapy
National Institutes of Health: Chelation in Medal Intoxication
Right Diagnosis: Copper toxicity
Medline Plus: Copper toxicity
University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center: Wilson's Disease and Kayser-Fleischer rings
Wikipedia: Slit lamp
American Diabetes Association: Hypoglycemia
First aid for emotional trauma PDF


Wikipedia: Indian Cobra
Wikipedia: Local extinction
Corning Museum of Glass: Gold ruby glass
Wikipedia: Japanese passport
Wikipedia: Mail armor
Wikipedia: Greave
Wikipedia: Gauntlet
Wikipedia: Heraldic Imperial Crown

Unused, but helpful

Wikipedia: Acute lead poisoning
Wikipedia: Mercury poisoning
Wikipedia: Journeyman years (Wanderjahre)
Wikipedia: Condor
Mayo Clinic: Activated charcoal
History of Alchemy: Jabir ibn Hayan
Wikipedia: Alchemical symbols
Royal Society of Chemistry: Periodic Table: Alchemy

Music Recommendations

You're all smart enough to figure out where to get these yourself, but for reference...

Kamen Rider OOO OST 1
Kamen Rider OOO OST2

And just for fun...

Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John; source for title "Kings and Vagabonds"
Deciding So Blindly by Eyeshine; source for title "The Price of Desire"
Kingdoms Come and Castles Fall by Eyeshine


Aug. 5th, 2012 10:33 pm
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A series of comparitive analysis reviews, inspired by the Nostalgia Critic's "Old vs. New" segment. This will compare two similar properties in how they convey a story and characters, without trying to determine which is the better.

Beauty and the Beast (1991 movie) and Beauty and the Beast (musical, 2012 run)
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I know, I'm overresearching things again, but given Kobayashi's penchant for physics in her shows, I had to go looking for Brian Greene's PBS report on quantum entanglement, or "spooky action at a distance." I was actually looking for the video (since I caught it on The Fabric of the Universe one day), but the article is still pretty easy to understand because Greene does a damn good job making it accessible. I think I may one day wind up writing Ryuki fics based off his stuff.


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