Aug. 5th, 2012 10:33 pm
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A series of comparitive analysis reviews, inspired by the Nostalgia Critic's "Old vs. New" segment. This will compare two similar properties in how they convey a story and characters, without trying to determine which is the better.

Beauty and the Beast (1991 movie) and Beauty and the Beast (musical, 2012 run)
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Introducing a brand new review style! Titled "Versus," it's kind of like the Nostalgia Critic's "Old vs. New" segment, but with one critical difference: Mine focuses only on comparitive analysis. I don't try to pick which version is better or not.

And for that reason, with the exception of this review, I will not pit adaptations against one another. For example, no Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers or Ryuki vs. Dragon Knight. It's not fair to either version, which should be taken as separate shows.

So I'm off to a great start, eh? First review of this kind, and I'm already breaking the rules. Well, that's because both the movie and the musical of Disney's Beauty and the Beast are very well-established and well-regarded, so it's not quite as skewed in one direction or the other. And when you've got a theatre adaptation of a movie, or vice-versa, then comparitive analysis is a good tool to see how each crew decided to tell the story.

Tale as old as time )


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