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This tweet proves once again that Yoshi is so damn lucky and awesome.
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So I have a theory about Dino Charge, the season of shovels. I think Tyler is Eiji.

Now, while you're scratching your head, let me explain. Back in 2012, Saban had filed a trademark for something called "Power Rider," presumably a third adaptation of Kamen Rider. However, after two years, the trademark was abandoned and nothing came of it. Presumably because the ghost of Shotaro Ishinomori returned in some bizarre fusion of Kamen Rider and Ghost Rider, which probably would have made a better movie than Core and Kamen Rider Taisen (but then, so could a lot of things).

Now, Fourze had just finished by the time we all learned about the trademark, and everyone pretty much figured that Saban would go for that. After all, it was super kid friendly. But at that time, remember, Saban was going back and picking up Sentai seasons that had been finished for a year already, giving them much more room for adaptation--Shinkenger, Goseiger, and Gokaiger were all already done well before Samurai and Megaforce premiered. And Kamen Rider was beginning a new era, what we call the "Neo-Heisei Era" because of the change in themes beginning in W and continuing through OOO and Fourze and beyond. W, OOO, and Fourze were great gateway series, accessible to new fans by giving a sense of this new era while building on themes that the Heisei Era had been starting with. And OOO had enough forms and enemies to sell a lot of toys--basically the same reasoning why Adness went with Ryuki for their adaptation, Dragon Knight.

"Now, wait, Akino," you say. "Just because Tyler attempted to defeat a monster with his underwear, it doesn't make him a clone of Eiji." No. But keep in mind that he's a traveler with a very optimistic personality despite personal tragedy (in his case, the disappearance of his father). He's kind of spacey at times, snaps to serious during fights, but still goofy and adorable. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? In fact, you could say that his approach to life is "anything goes."

My theory is this: Saban wanted to go with OOO. Really fell in love with the money they could make the concept and characters. But again, ghosts. So they abandoned the plans. Still, the idea of Eiji, or a slightly less traumatized version of him, was still in the back of their minds. It somehow made its way to Judd Lynn's desk, and with the help of additional writers, we got Tyler--a goofy derpbaby of a Ranger who travels around the country to figure out what happened to his dad, stumbles onto an important artifact that the bad guys are after and helps him transform, meets up with some friends who help him out and even get him a job in a local restaurant...basically transplanted into another franchise, with major tweaks to his backstory but not as much to his personality. Maybe we did get "Power Rider" after all.
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So the strongest Ranger goes on a mind control rampage and when he finally wakes out of it, he asks why the guys are all hugging him.

Good to know Judd Lynn still recycles scripts from old seasons.
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First off, gotta say. We have a brainwashed guy named Chase. Thank you, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider.

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Re: DC 2

Feb. 15th, 2015 12:23 pm
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So, can Tyler be in charge of naming everything? Because I love that he looks at a giant robot T. rex and calls it Rexy. The entire time. Derpbaby.

Speaking of derpbabies, Shelby is Karone levels of adorable at trying to be impressive with her first team morph and needing Koda to tell her to click on her Dino Charger.

Also, I like that Koda is clearly struggling with English as his second language, given that his language likely went extinct. I loved in Megaforce that they actually acknowledged Orion having another language, but they really didn't go in-depth on him trying to learn English other than him missing a couple of colloquialisms. Koda's clearly smart, but he just doesn't speak the language--but he's also learning really fast. And I like that. His original language is probably nothing like English in the first place.

Still not sure what to think of Chase, but so far I like Riley.

And as far as Kendall goes...the apparent classism is...new. I mean, you can have a trait to a character that isn't a good thing, so that's one thing. But overall, I have these issues with Power Rangers:

1. Whenever they have a female scientist, she tends to have a cold personality. Kendrix and Hayley were very nice, but Kendrix wasn't the chief science officer on Terra Venture and Hayley had a side-job that required her to have good interpersonal skills. Dr. K, Ms. Fairweather? Pretty vocal in their put-downs. Kat--I didn't watch SPD, so I can't say a whole lot. But it feels like Power Rangers sends this message about girls: "You can either be smart or you can be nice. You can't be both." And I hate that.

2. Kat Manx. Ms. Angela Fairweather. Kendrix Morgan. Hayley Ziktor. Ms. Kendall Morgan. Dr. K. Notice that only one of them has a doctorate? Meanwhile, we've got Dr. Tommy Oliver and Prof. Phenomenous. Captains Mitchell and Logan. Commanders Kinwon and Stanton. Colonel Truman. Women in Power Rangers do not get the same professional respect that the men do. If Tommy and Phenomenus of all people can have Ph.D.s, why can't Hayley, Ms. Fairweather, and Kendall? Why doesn't Kat have a named rank in SPD? It's unfair, and I really feel like they should be calling Kendall "Dr. Morgan." It's not like they don't have improbably young doctors in this show already (K notwithstanding, there's Tommy's improbable career path and Dana as a doctor at 19 after not even a year of medical school, let alone college). Give the girls some fucking CREDIT!

Same names

Jan. 31st, 2015 07:07 pm
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Oh, right. Keeper. Well, now that's going to be in my head when I see this guy. Doesn't help that the eyes really are uncannily creepy on both.

As if Chase and Chase aren't already hard to keep apart.
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Now, I couldn't get into Kyoryuger, but something about Dino Charge caught my eye, despite me not watching Dino Thunder and not being a fan of MMPR. I think it was Yoshi Sudarso generally being awesome.

So here's my liveblog of the first episode of the not-anniversary season.

Cut for spoilers and musings about a 20+ year franchise that isn't B5 or Sailor Moon this time )

I may have decided the Red and Pink Rangers are my official "derpbabies," with Blue as a possible next one, but Yoshi Sudarso already is a derpbaby.


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